Dear Diary…

October 13, 2014
broken open

Dear diary…

You and I have come a long way since age twelve.

Remember when I used to keep you under lock and key, a treasure to be jealously guarded?

Remember how strong I appeared to everyone else, but went to pieces whenever we touched souls?

Well today I have decided to take the plunge into vulnerability and share my innermost self with the world.

Today I’ve decided to be broken open. Broken open, that I might be rebuilt.

I’m being broken, that I might be made strong.

I am admitting, yes I am human.

Yes, I make mistakes.

Yes, I have insecurities.

Yes, I am weak, but I am also strong.

Today, I broke the lock and threw the key into the abyss.

Today, you are open.

Food for thought: How well do people know the real you? 

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