Posting Schedule (When and How Many Times Per Week I’m Going To Be Posting)

October 6, 2014

According to my blog archives, I am in my fourth month of blogging on this site. That is all well and good, but actually I launched this blog on 1st April, so this month makes it my sixth month (I was in hiatus for a few months) blogging. SIXTH!!! Wow. Does time fly or what!

Update: April 1st was a mini launch though, with posts from my old blog www.carakasa.blogspot.com, so I consider this blog’s starting point to be when I resumed in September. Next year September will be my first blogiversary!!

I’ve very much enjoyed the process and the interaction with you guys, and the positive responses and support have been so overwhelming, they make my heart sing! I hope I have touched your life too in some way. I have learned a lot! About what goes on behind the scenes of a blog – the inevitable technical aspects you have to deal with, photography and editing – and the blog has helped me refine my life purpose and the legacy I’d like to leave behind after I bid adieu to this lovely world (hopefully in about a hundred years!).

After giving it a lot of thought, since I’m not blogging full-time, I’ve decided to post once a week, on Monday mornings before 9am. If for whatever reason I feel an exception has to be made, the additional posting time would be on Thursday. You know, for flexibility. Three posts a week at the most. Sooo… that means:

Mondays – 9am (regular schedule) and

Thursdays – 9am (extra day)

I’m choosing to space out my posting days due to the following reasons:

  • To give you, my valued readers, my best work. I admit, I can be a bit of a perfectionist, but I really don’t want to do a half-assed job on this one. I want to be worth your time, and I want to be proud of my work. Time is money, hmph. So I’m paying you for your time, with my most valuable ideas. I want my blog to be truly helpful, informative, inspire you to action! I want it to be like the long-awaited lover that comes as the sun starts to go down, whisks you off on his beautiful spirited horse and rides off with you into the glorious sunset. You get the picture. 😀
  • We’ve been given two eyes, two ears and one mouth for a reason: We must be quick to listen, quick to hear and slow to speak. Prudence. Frugality. It’s better to choose quality over quantity than to risk becoming just one more distraction to be tuned out. That’s a fact. 😛 
  • I’m an advocate of less screen time. Too much internet time can be exhausting and come at the price of less time spent with loved ones and in worthy pursuits. Life happens in the real world; we need to go out and explore! A healthy balance is key. I don’t like to spend too much time on my internet devices and I don’t want to encourage that in anyone.
  • It’s a schedule I can maintain. I’m currently parenting a two-year old, taking courses at the university, and nurturing a kicking and punching human being inside me (I guess he can’t wait to be welcomed out!). Talk about busy, hmph. But it is important not only to be busy but to be truly effective, and that means living mindfully and having time for myself for introspective reflection. I will consider this my part-time blogging schedule.

I think this is a good schedule until…well, we’ll see! (Then again, can you ‘box’ in creativity? Well, we’ll see how this schedule works out. If it doesn’t serve well, I’m always free to change it up to something better. I’m experimenting, yo. Bear with me.)

Thank you for being a part of this wonderful experience! I have some great posts in the works, can’t wait to share them with you!

  1. Hi. I think it’s important to have a regular posting schedule. I know Google likes it. I’ve been kind of all over the map with mine as well and your post reminds me to figure out my own schedule. Thanks.

    1. Hi Rick! Didn’t know that, thanks for sharing. A schedule also helps to let readers know what to expect, and it helps me get that nagging feeling of ‘I need to write soon, I need to write soon!’ off my chest as it gets me more organized!

      1. I think our readers like to know when to expect something new as well. For instance, if I know you’re posting on Thursday I wait all week agog with anticipation 🙂

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