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Finding Inspiration; Chasing Beauty

November 29, 2014
06 Malé Bedzany - nádrž-001

What inspires me? Beauty. I’m inspired by beauty in all its forms. I’m inspired by human beauty, by beautiful souls, strong faces, my son. I’m inspired by the beauty that surrounds us in nature, often so mysterious and awe-inspiring and yet so familiar and mundane on the surface.   It was terrifying and inspiring in […]

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Last Moments, First Moments

November 27, 2014

[contextly_auto_sidebar id=”PIyyuhnCOwb6uu4i1qpuPtrVIUpeSPKX”] You’ve long waited for this moment. The race has been hard and grueling, and now miraculously you see the elusive finish line in sight. You double your pace, you strive hard towards it; but a puzzling thing is happening. It seems the closer you get, the farther away the finish line retreats. What’s […]

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Red, The Break-up

November 20, 2014
Red - Short sketch

[contextly_auto_sidebar id=”3MD67Pm1i1m3vxDE7ioTNKBaAoqr4zdE”] His big black car purred to a halt at the bus stop and slid neatly into the space between two smaller cars. In the front passenger seat, with dread in her heart, she turned to face him. “So this is it.”, she begun, trying to sound brave. “Yes”, he replied, tone light and […]

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NSOROMMA DIARIES | Personal Development

Make A Wish!

November 17, 2014
Blog mission and vision statements

If you could have anything you wanted, anything at all, what would you wish for? Make that wish. Did you make it yet? Anything at all you want… no limits… Time’s up! What did you wish for? I’d love to know! Star light, star bright, First star I see tonight, I wish I may, I […]

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