March 25, 2015

A few years ago, I arrived in Accra. A small-town girl, (single sex) boarding school educated, fresh-faced and maybe just a little bit naive. I had been accepted into university to study Biological Science. I was so excited, not just because of uni, but because I felt like yes, this was my moment to pursue my dreams; all the moments of my life so far, all the angst, the struggles, all had culminated to this – my chance to pursue my dream of being an entertainer.

All my life I have felt called to this. I was never happier than the moments I was on stage dancing, acting, singing; I had never felt more alive than in those moments of expressing that primal part of me, bringing to life characters in all their messy beautiful glory. I lived for the stage.

Arriving in Accra was magical. Free for the first time in my life! No parents, relatives, headmistresses, priests to dominate and prescribe my actions. And books, books, books!! All the books that I could ever read! EPP bookstore, Methodist bookstore, random vendors on the street, it was a bookworm’s paradise and I fully dipped and immersed myself in them all.

And not to talk of the beach! Ohmygosh, how I love losing myself in a book in the shade of a coconut tree on our beautiful scenic beaches! So many wonderful memories made on the beach…

Falling in love was bewildering and took me totally by surprise…that feeling of two souls so different and yet so determined to make it work despite it all… Everything paled by comparison, shadows in the wake of a bright beautiful sun. Two wonderful children later and I live in a love cocoon everyday, everyday.

Time sweeps us in its stride, and soon I shall have to make some important decisions… I don’t know, but I still feel so drawn to the same career aspirations as in the past, and I hope I can share that with you here.

Y’all know I started this blog to document my journey into vogue, but it was more that, honestly. I want to be a part of all the beautiful souls telling our African stories. Pouring out our soul and spirit in honesty and helping others to understand the real Africa, and our diverse African stories. That is why I started a blog in 2012 and why I decided to document my style journey.

Three months in, and I don’t completely know which road exactly I’m taking in this journey, but I do know that I’m in it for the long haul. It’s a process of experimentation and I hope you’ll bear me out as I try my hands at different subjects and themes. Overall, the goal I aspire to is to inspire. I want us all to live the best we can, to go for our dreams with no holds bared, to be the best versions of ourselves we can be, because I believe firmly that is how the Creator intended it.

So this might probably not be a pure personal style blog! I’ll probably be throwing in some interior design, books and restaurant reviews, etc on here… I hope you’ll enjoy them too!



  1. You look so stunning and sexy in your bikini Cara! Thank you for sharing your wonderful journey with us! Reading books under the shade of a coconut tree is a luxury dream to many…
    Today is the 4th, February, so Happy Birthday to you Cara – the beautiful daughter of Africa!!

    Love & hugs~
    Viv X X

  2. Now you make me wanna visit Ghana.. i barely know anyone there tho but will be sure to holla at you whenever i find myself there… Your story is beautiful and much like mine except that when i left for Nairobi Kenya in 2012 to study law, i was really angry and my anger lasted for 1year… i was missing my family and everything that was familiar to me and this affected me in everyway possible but i bless God for my process now and Nairobi is my second home.. Keep dreaming girl and know that when the time is right, God will make it all a reality.. and you have 2 babies??? i wanna see them 😀

    1. Awww Vanessa, do come, you’ll love it. And feel free to holla when you get here; it’ll be my pleasure to show you around!

      I’m glad to hear you are doing well in Nairobi now. Being away from family IS hard. Good on you for settling in. It’s one of my dreams to come see Kenya as well. Enjoy your time there sweetheart, and yes, God’s got you!

      Thanks for your sweet message Vanessa! :*

  3. Cara! Your writing is really beautiful, and I love how you share your personal stories in here, anxious to see what else you will post in here, I’m sure it will be great! 🙂

  4. Beautiful Cara, Happy New Year! I was so happy to see your comments on my site. Thank you again.

    Please know that you have my support, wherever your creativity takes you. We cannot have everything figured out, or else there would be no need for growth. Continue to evolve, my dear.

    Gosh, I wish I could rock a bikini like you!

    1. Hey Nadine! Thank you for your sweet words and it’s my pleasure to support you too!
      You commented a while ago about being unable to subscribe via email. Been working on it last month and I reckon it should be fixed now. Thank you for getting that to my attention!
      Hope you are enjoying the month of love!

        1. Oh gosh, what’s wrong with this thing?! Arrrgh. It worked when we tested it out. So sorry, Nadine.
          And yes, I probably should start that! Thanks so much for your support and patience, Nadine. Truly appreciated. Xoxo

  5. I enjoyed reading this post the most! Cara you are such an amazing woman, you have a beautiful soul, and I’m very glad that we contacted through the blog. Your blog is amazing and believe one day you are going to make it to something even bigger than Vogue ♥ And look at you! Gorgeous and always stunning! You have the perfect body! and what I love the most; your lovely smile ☺
    Wishing you all the best and luck my love.

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