August 3, 2015

There is something about spending time in nature that gets you questioning everything about your normal city life. Whether it’s at the beach or in a quiet village surrounded by forest greenery, it doesn’t matter; you really come back a different person – rejuvenated, recentred. My trip this time was no different.

This weekend, M and I packed the kids off on a beach getaway. The gods must have been smiling down on us, it was a perfect couple of days. Bright beautiful days of blue skies and a dazzling cheerful sun. Just perfect.

Can you believe that day one passed without me snapping a single photo?? I would have liked to say that that’s pretty much unheard of, but alas! It happens often. Sometimes I get so lost in the moments that it’s impossible for me to break out and reach for the camera. At least they are recorded where they matter the most, embedded in the recesses of my brain and heart. Nevertheless, I’d have loved to share them.

Can you also believe that after packing a whole suitcase full of clothes – the blogger in me couldn’t resist – I ended up spending the entire time in this wild hot pink perfection of a dress?! That says a lot about how comfortable the fabric felt on the skin. I love dresses like this – simple, bright, summery numbers that make a statement on their own without the need for much accompaniment. This one is perfect; it has a character all of its own, elegant and yet dancing with the breeze, loose and caressing on the skin.

Happy Monday! Hope your weekend too has left you rejuvenated and super motivated to kick off this new week (and month) in style! Yippie!!! Hello August!














Dress – Slovakia

Sunnies – MrP (Accra mall)

These boys totally crashed my photoshoot btw. What do you make of them? Fantastic five! Eh?







  1. Awwww, look at your 2 lil cooties playing in the sand! I get what you meant about getting lost in the moment and forgetting to take pics, i think its so important in this Look At Me On Social Media world, to retain that part of ourselves that does not feel the need to share with others…sometimes on Facebk I will see friends on holiday sharing every single microscopic moment and i’m like, Put the camera down and enjoy the frickn moment!!! Have a gd wkend hon! x

  2. How pretty Cara!! This dress is just too beautiful! And you look so good on this color โ™ฅ Your boys are so adorable!! Looks like your having loads of fun babe and you should! This beach looks gorgeous!
    Have a beautiful day sweetheart

  3. You look so beautiful! That’s an amazing way to start the month, you’re making me so excited to get to the beach lol. The dress is stunning and your boys are adorable as always. And I loved the party crashers at the end – such fun kids! It’s great you included them here. Thanks for sharing your weekend ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. I seriously cannot wait to see your travel journals! For sure they are going to be breathtaking!!!
      I swear those kids are life! So full of exuberance. God bless them.

  4. Your outfit screams “Happy New Month”. The beach is beautiful!!! Omg. And seriously, I agree with you. When you are having a perfect time with family,friends and loved ones, you totally forget about the camera, even your phone camera!

    1. But I’m always forgetting! Especially when it comes to meal shots, haha, boo. Shame on this blogger! I tuck in quick and then when I’m almost done, then a little voice tells me, but Cara….. BUT. Too late! Ha.

      Happy New month dear!

  5. Life is about enjoying the moments we create. We don’t have to snap everything to share on social media, so don’t feel bad. As you rightly stated, you have them where they need to be – in your heart and mind.

    That said, I love your dress. You look lovely in it. I have a thing for long, flowing outfits. They just accentuate a woman’s femininity.

    Seeing those boys and their antics made my day. ๐Ÿ™‚

    1. You are so right; this dress made me feel like a coral goddess! Ha. I have a thing for such garments too.
      Those boys are just fantastic! They made mine too!

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