August 13, 2015

Hello guys!

I’m excited to bring you the second part of our shoot last weekend! How in the world is it Thursday already? And the middle of August?? Isn’t it funny how the time seems to inch by when we are small kids who cannot WAIT to grow up, but then justΒ fliesΒ by when we get to twenty? Motion is the currency of the universe. We can’t rein it in. No choice but to let go of the reins and fly with the wind. I have to post more! I enjoy this space too much to have this any other way. I hope you do too!

Last Sunday, I felt like a goddess and decided to dress the part! Don’t you just love white? It’s just so pure and refreshing; calming in its monochromatic simplicity.

Also, it cannot be denied that a roomy high-low dress, especially in white, is an instant classic piece. I declare it a staple piece already! I love how simple it is, and yet statement making at the same time. Add golden accents and Ghanaian tropical beaches, and hello Grecian inspired beach goddess!

Enjoy the photos, and enjoy your weekend. Happy hump day!













  1. At this point, I can’t stop gushing over the photos! I’m still by the way waiting for those market scenery photos!
    I’m not big on these dresses even tho I’ve come across really nice ones but for some reason, I can’t get myself to wear them. Dresses should either be long or short for me. You do shine in this color tho! And mixing white with gold is always a win.

    1. Thanks so much dear!
      Just go ahead and try one or two. Can’t hurt to at least tryyy. πŸ™‚ I can’t believe you’ve been passing up those nice ones though! I wish I had such luck in Ghana.

      About the market scenery, I did try a couple of times, but the sellers are paranoid when it comes to photos, and I found my arms too full (of babies and stuff) to do much. Then of course the fear of snatchers or pickpockets because of the camera… Le sigh. I’ll gear up and get some shots for you next time I’m there, promise!

  2. The white dress is heavenly beautiful. I’m in love with it.
    I don’t know but I always think, when we go to the beach for a serene moment, we need to wear a flowy dress like yours.
    Don’t you think so?

  3. Yuusss Gurl, serve it to the children! You look The Biz, white and gold is such a goddess mix! White is a very unforgiving colour, there’s nowhere to hide and you wear it well. And I looooove, your hair, I love that thick eazy free ‘choppy’/artfully messy look an Afro has when its thick and full like yours! Brava! x

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
      Now that you mention it I realize this is my 2nd white and gold look in as many months. I love this combination!
      Aaaand you are too sweet haha. If my head falls off from getting swollen headed you know who caused it! πŸ˜‰
      Thanks for reading love!

  4. I really don’t know where to start! First, Cara you look like a goddess! Absolutely stunning in this white dress! I do love white color as u said its refreshing and calming! And your headpiece is gorgeous! Love it! β™₯ β™₯

    1. Awww Dana darling, I thank you very much!

      Yeah I noticed you love white and soft pastel colors, just like me. πŸ˜€ There is just something so soft and feminine about them, hmm?
      Thanks for the sweet compliments, gorgeous! You made my morning. :-*

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