August 10, 2015

Hello you beautiful people! Another week is upon us. Hope it’s a good one for you so far. Mine is so quiet without the pitter pattering of Alexander’s little feet running everywhere causing mischief. That boy is love with school so far. He’s up and raring to go at the crack of dawn! Ha.

Moving on… I’m really thrilled to share these beautiful images with you today! As you can see, we were at the beach again for the weekend. M likes to joke that I must have been a mermaid in a previous life because my love for the coast is that strong! Well if I was, then call us the Merpeople, because I’m definitely not the only one who loves it so.

As the sun went down, the fog in the atmosphere created this absolutely beautiful filtering effect. It was quite eerie but oh so breathtaking! Golden hour. There was a magical mystique in the air that took my breath away and I could only gasp about how beautiful and how glad I was to be there. It was like witching hour, the backdrop for a wonderful magical story about to unfold. I loved it. I pranced and spun around to my favorite Bollywood songs without a care in the world. It seemed the perfect time for it!

We were as excited as little kids, and we decided to improvise a little photo shoot session. I was happy to oblige, since I had on the perfect dress for it! This is the result.

Hoping you enjoy the images. We truly had a great time shooting them!

(Btw,remember this preview post I did giving you a sneak peek of a gorgeous pink dress? So this is the reveal, the dress in all its glory!)

















Have a wonderful week my loves!



  1. This looks like a completely planned out shoot. I can’t believe it was impromptu. And that melanin! Hell yes!
    So nice to meet you Cara. So glad I found your blog. Love your writing style.

  2. Loving the pics with the palm tree back drops and your shadow, really postcard worthy!! You know I need a model next month as I’m filming for my TV Show, my Lord do i wish you lived in London sometimes! x

    1. Alright, that’s it. The last straw. We are moving to London!!!!

      But awww Biki, what a wonderful compliment! It would be my absolute pleasure to come model for you! London is even in our shortlist of where to spend the next couple of years.

  3. Wow!! The pictures are so beautiful! What a beautiful view! “golden hours” so peaceful and magical.
    Your dress is gorgeous and you look great as usual! ♥♥ Have a beautiful day mermaid

    1. Thank you Dana, I know!!! Now I only want to shoot at sunset. At that beach. Forever and ever, world without end. Amen! 😀

  4. Wow that view/background is so outta this world, no doubt it’s it’s golden and magical plus great shots. Lovely dress too. Love! Love! Love!

    1. Oh really?? Then mission accomplished! Wow, that’s a great compliment, Yvonne, thank you very much! 😀 I’m gon be stalking your blog to see them. 😀

      Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    1. I know! It was really eerie, but beautifully so. And yes yes yes do come! I bet it would be quite the experience. Maybe you might even like it better than Nigeria. I bet!

    1. I know dear, I know. That beach is a blogger’s dream. Thanks for dropping by Rheeyah! Now go study for those exams!!! Lol

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