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October 26, 2015


Ahoj everyone!

Another week is upon us. I’m freaking excited because this week I hope to spend some valuable bonding time with a brand new nephew…yay! So beyond thankful for this blessing. There’s nothing like new life to spread the feelings of hope, joy, thankfulness and excitement. My mom had all girls and now, looks like her girls are destined to have all boys, ha. Hopefully not though; so we shall patiently wait for our girls…

On another exciting note, I think I’ve cracked the code for wearing an all-black outfit! (Remember the silhouette shoot from last time? It was this outfit! 🙂 Nedoux the witty and stylish sewista guessed correctly. That dear lady really knows her stuff, especially when it comes to fashion and writing.)

When it comes to monochrome outfits (my closet is full to bursting with those), I think most of us are admittedly more of fans of an all-white look because of the freshness factor, but there is nothing like an all-black outfit for that slinky sleek and powerful look. I mean, how cute are those Aldo shoes? And an asymmetrical peplum lined with leather on the sides? Casual yet edgy? Yes, please. A pop of print on the bag for an extra pizzazz and I was good to go!

It’s so interesting how our moods influence our outfits and vice versa, isn’t it? So next time you feel all powerful and want to express it, or you need an extra boost of power, try an all black outfit!














Wishing you a powerful week!



Top – H&M

Skinnies – mrp

Bag – Melcom

Shoes – Aldo

  1. I dno where to start… First look at your body!! GOSH! So skinny and hot ♥ And babe you are rocking this all black outfit! So chic. I just love peplum cut! Love the top. And the shoes are so gorgeous!
    Stylish my friend!

  2. Hello dear,

    Whoop Whoop! I guessed right. *dancing* 😀

    You look so hot! You’ve made me want to buy distressed jeans, they look so decent on you. I’ve always been worried that I won’t be able to pull off the look. The peplum top and heels gives it a classy vibe.

    I agree with you, all black is a slinky sleek and powerful look. Reminds me of the famous fashion quote- “You cant go wrong with black.”

    Congratulations on your new nephew, babies are such a blessing.

    1. I’m sure you’ll be able to pull it off matched with one of your beautiful lace tops.
      Can’t go wrong with black indeed! Thanks sweetheart. xoxo

  3. Def Top 3 of my fav outfits you’ve worn so far. Great balance of proportions and textures, you are like
    ‘I AM WOMAN, HEAR ME ROOOOOOAAARRRR!’ And your hair is looking On Point. Did you curl it? Funny thing is I’ve been writing a How To Wear All Black post for weeks, its in my Draft and then I see this- Great Minds Think Alike! I love All Black!x

    1. Yaaaassss! Thank you, Biki. And no, it’s a wig! Hehe.

      Write it, write it, write it! Haha. Great minds think alike indeed! 😀

  4. All black everything!! Yaaassss!! I can’t believe this is the outfit for the silhouette shoot, I wouldn’t have suspected! I love the ripped jeans, the stripped clutch, the peplum top and the stilettos.You whole outfit is giving me life!! New borns#babies are amazing, they give us hope. Great post sweetie!!

    1. Hahaha really? But at least you guessed the peplum, no?

      Newborns are the best! But they make your ovaries ache, haha. And I MUST resist the temptation…

      And thank you Meron, you flatter me! 🙂

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