November 3, 2015








Hello my loves! I have missed you.

Happy new month, happy November! Woo hoo. We made it into November! Only a couple of months to go until the new year. Scary but quite exciting at the same time. Are you excited for this month?

So, how was your October? Mine has been quite delicious!!!! Yes, you read right, delicious!!! Guess what I’ve been doing? Reading through my teen journals. Reconnecting with Cara the teen. And oh my, she was quite the ambitious and daring character! She read too much (it has been on her goal list since she was fourteen years old and every year after that to “quit being so obsessed with reading”…), fantasized too much, danced too much, journalled a lot, and wrote a lot of poetry and stories. The Cara before you know, the Mommy blues and anxiety episodes, was so spunky and full of life! One question, how the heck did I lose her??!! Never again. When was the last time you reconnected with your younger self? Kudos if you’ve never lost her, and if you have, go on, what are you waiting for, go find her!

Last month, the assertive theme continued on from September, along with a dash of spontaneity. I took the little ones exploring in Accra; several times we went out, with no plans but to wander, get lost in the city and live in the moment. It was fun, it was crazy, it was awesome, it was freaking delicious! What a sight it was to see Baby Milan so totally engrossed in the sights and sounds, taking it all in. He especially loved the flea market, with its winding port-holed dirt paths jammed with stalls stocked with colorful goods, and all the market people calling out friendly greetings to him. I’ve got to take him more often!

As you know, I lost the use of my tablet (and consequently social media) in September. In retrospect, that was one of the best things to have happened to me at the time. Until it was gone, I didn’t realize how much I was letting social media creep into the crevices of free time in my life. Instagram and snapchat… so inspiring and yet oh so addicting… no wonder the thought of getting a smart phone sometimes grips me with horror, ha! I’m not quite ready yet to go back… The lesser the exposure, the better.

October has been good. It has been a time of rediscovery indeed; of my core self, of my purpose and of my message. I hope you had a good one too. And don’t worry, you’ll be seeing me around here a lot more often this month! *wink wink*





I send you so so much love and  light. And thank you for being here.





  1. Your energy is so contagious, Cara. That’s the kind of infection I need. 🙂 I love the natural and authentic vibe in these photos.

    I’m ashamed to admit that I no longer have my journals from my teen years. I threw them out. Yes, the horror. But now, I’m concentrating on starting new journeys and adventures. I plan to keep my present journal, and others that will follow, for the rest of my life.

    Ah, the blessing and curse of social media. I understand about it creeping into those sacred spaces of our lives. I’m in the process of exercising a firmer hand with it.

    Continue to create beautiful memories with your family.

    1. Nadine, I gasped out loud when I first read this comment, and it isn’t any easier reading it today. WHY??!!! Oh why did you throw them out??!! Unbelievable. Do NOT do that again or I will head over to the Caribbean and give you a good spanking!!! (In Ghana, we threaten our kids with spanking all the times, btw.)

  2. omg I’ve missed so many posts!! I’m really sorry my love, I’ve been busy with work, university, blog and attending some events! I missed this beauty ♥ What a lovely posts and photos. My October was fine, but my November is so far so busy!
    Hope your having a great month babe

    1. Awww sweet Dana, it’s okay!!! Don’t apologize dear, I understand, especially as I’m facing similar challenges here. Thanks for all the love on my posts, gosh, you are so sweet. Thanks so much for all your beautiful words, Dana!

  3. Hey Legs! Well, I started keeping a diary when I was about 13, now I only write in my diary when big things happen but every once in a while, I like to go down memory lane and read through it and its always such a surreal feeling, makes you see how much things have changed…you asked how much we reconnect with our younger selves, well with me I do, too much and often, ha! October was a good month, MUCH better than my Sept which was a disaster. Sounds like the month has got off on a good start with you too! x

    1. Let’s form a Diary Club already! You, Nedu and I. We would be *ladies who brunch* and swap tales over tea and cake. hehe.
      And good, never lose her; let’s never *grow up*. It’s a trap!! 😀 and boring as hell.
      Happy November!

  4. Very cute, mischievous expression on your face, lol 😀

    I read my teen diaries a few years ago, I laughed at my silliness and was grateful for all the changes that had taken place since then.

    I wish you the very best of blessings this November.

    1. Haha I can imagine! I’m not surprised you’ve been keeping diaries too.

      And the funny expression on my face is because I was visualizing my delicious October haha!

      Thank you and a beautiful Nov to you too.

  5. Am in love with the photos.Thanks to you I will now try reconnecting with my teen self. I really love what am hearing about your teenage hood, you were the perfect teen indeed. It’s about time baby Milan learns about the world out there, all the best to him. My October was was out of this world,pure perfection. I always love how you write, you are a talented writer. Great post dear.

    1. I was far from the perfect teen, haha! Gave my parents quite a bit of a chase… I’m glad to hear that about your October. After all, it should be so, especially as your birth month! Remain blessed Meron. Happy to have connected with you online love. <3

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