November 19, 2015

Black and white are my colours of choice. One would say that is choosing non-colours (or a refusal to choose), so to speak, but I find these two quite rich in meaning, beautiful and poetic. Ying and yang.

Hello my loves!

First of all, thank you all SO much for all the love you showered on the previous blog post about growing long hair in Ghana. I’m glad that you loved the hair talk, because I have so much to share on the topic that I’ve been keeping in! One thing for sure, I simply cannot wait to finish with my exams so that I can devote more time to this ‘ere baby. There is so much I want to share with you… simply cannot wait!

This post is basically on how to wear black and white, again… There is no doubt that these colours are classics that you can never go wrong with. I wore this outfit this weekend on a general casual day, ready for a day of staying close to home and ready to dash out on errands when needed. To keep the look interesting I went for pumps in Β a soft olive green camouflage design and a somewhat matching but contrasting black and white print clutch. Echoing the gold on the clutch, I wore gold earrings and a delicate gold bracelet on my wrist.

Talking about echo, this is hilarious but Alex has been a living echo in recent times! He echos and strings out the endings of his words, it’s so funny to hear him speak. I literally have to suppress the giggles every time! He goes like, for example, “Mama, I want milk-k-k-k.” “Give me this one-ne-ne.” “Me first! st-st-st!” “I want this-s-s-s.” Ha!

By the way, this outfit might look like two pieces, but it is actually a one piece – rompers! Perfect for frolicking with the little ones, and easy to transition to an evening look. The texture is soft and silky on the skin, a loose and comfortable fit.

On another fun note, I’ve been experimenting more with makeup! It’s so fascinating how simply donning long hair and lipstick in an orange colour gives such a different look. I love this power of dressing up, looking different everyday on the exterior, and yet remaining the same on the inside. πŸ™‚

Happy Thursday! Do enjoy the last couple of weekdays and have a lovely weekend, my dears! Thanks for reading my style diary. πŸ™‚








Β Rompers – thrifted

Bag – Melcom

Shoes – Leuven Alexander


See you on the next post!



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  1. We’ve all heard that black & white is classic, timeless… I just love, LOVE the words you chose to describe them here: “quite rich in meaning, beautiful and poetic. Ying and yang”!!! Yes ying and yang, together they create a magic balance…
    BTW, that little black & white zebra print satchel is adorable! Love your ensemble Cara!

    Vivienne X

  2. My beautiful Cara! This romper is so wonderful and amazing, I love that its in black and white and you look divine!! Love the earring too and you mixed the outfit with military shoes β™₯

  3. Ms Legs, that romper is the iiiish, I love it- looks like a piece you can lounge around, do errands it but then amp up at night with the right accessories and make up. Speaking of make up, yr lippy is fab and a difficult shade to pull of. Haha! about Alex his echo stage sounds like the coooootest, I hope you respond in kind! X

  4. The orange lipstick looks amazing on you! Love your hair, it gives hints of am better than you once you enter a room, lol! The camouflage shoes are amazing, I have never had a pair but thanks to you I will invest in one. That romper is so edgy, I love the mixture of black and white color. Am happy that Alex is learning to speak better day by day, only a matter of time when he will be fluent. I can’t forget about your gorgeous legs, do you wanna insure them like Heidi Klum? Great weekend sweetheart

  5. Hey Lady,

    You look so lovely-ly-ly-ly. Alex has infected me with echo-ism. πŸ˜€

    You are right, “non-colours” describes black & white perfectly. Both shades are like blank canvases to play with. Pairing the camo print heels with the monochrome romper added a cool chic style to the whole look.

    I shook my head slowly and smiled when I read this- “I love this power of dressing up, looking different everyday on the exterior, and yet remaining the same on the inside.” Me too, I like how lipstick instantly switches on my face. The orange lipstick really suits you.

    My dear, you have legs for days! It would be a crime not to show them off. Lol

    Oh! You gave us super modelesque poses, from your body postures to your facial expressions, I love it! The shots look so professional, like the pictures were taken for a glossy fashion magazine.

    Enjoy the rest of the week.

    1. Hehe Nedu thank you u u u. You don’t know how happy you made me with your comments about the shots! To be honest I’ve been questioning my photography these days, so I’m happy you enjoyed them.

      Hope you are having a great weekend!

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