March 18, 2016
xocara (25)

This is a long overdue post, but there has been so much that I wanted to share, that it was quite the task choosing exactly where to begin! Growing long, thick, healthy hair is fast becoming quite a passion of mine.

This beginning of March marked two years post my second big chop, but I have been tentatively on this natural hair journey since 2011. Receiving the wonderful news of Alexander’s imminent arrival in 2012 was just the needed jolt to push me towards a clean detoxed way of life, so that was when I fully embraced a strict clean diet and drastically minimized my exposure to questionable products, including hair relaxers.

My hair is strangely at its best these past few weeks, and I’d like to share with you some of my hair care “secrets” in the hopes that they inspire your journey as well.

xocara (25)

First of all, switching up my hair regimen, aiming for moisturized strands.

Hmmm, is it quite apt to call it a regimen? I’ve embraced quite the regimen these past weeks! After I took off my “secrets” hair protective style, I decided to try something new with my hair. Water-only washing! I’ve been washing my hair everyday. Yeah, every. single. day.

With just water.

Why’s that? Because I performed the porosity test and discovered that my hair is highly porous. It absorbs water very very easily and loses it quite as easily too. This explains why my hair thrived so much during my first year, when I was washing it everyday, compared to my second year when I wasn’t doing that as much.

Then on the weekend, I co-wash. (That is, I wash with conditioner.)

I’m only washing with shampoo just like every four weeks or so.

After I wash it everyday, I seal in the moisture with just coconut oil. When I co-wash, then I add a sheabutter based cream. When I do a full wash with shampoo and conditioner, then I replenish with leave-in hair conditioner, cream and oils, with the LCO method.

This might seem like quite the strange regimen so far, but oh man, is it working!!! My hair is thriving, like thriiiiiving. It’s beautifully soft, curly and healthy-looking everyday, thoroughly moisturized.

Secondly, little to no combing, but very thorough finger de-tangling.

I have very fine individual strands of hair that easily break when it’s dry, and when I comb, so I finger de-tangle, usually in the shower while it’s still wet, because it’s easier.

Third, I apply small amounts of hair products to my hair, and I do it while my hair is still wet.

Like I said, I have really thin strands of hair, and it easily gets weighed down by the hair products, so I’ve learnt to be strategic about how I use them. I’ve been using We Naturals Hemp Oil Range since summer last year (shall I do a review, I wonder…) and Coconut oil from Natural Journal‘s line which I love love looooove (it smells like a tropical heaven, and it does an amazing job with just a few drops). I had an interview with Natural Journal, remember?? The lady has such gorgeous thick long strands of hair. Just beautiful. Le sigh. Go, Mavis!

xocara (21)

Fourth, trimming off weak ends.

I’ve learnt to be strategic about this as well, so I trim the hair when I notice weak thin ends, as opposed to doing it every week or so.

So there we have them! Some actions that I’ve been performing that I feel have been gamechangers in my journey to grow long thick healthy hair in Ghana. Hope you find them useful.

xocara (24)

(bare-faced and loving my hair 🙂 )

Love, Cara.