April 29, 2016
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Good morning, Ghana!

Good day, World!

Feeling ah-mah-zing right now because I woke up with the rising of the Sun today (courtesy of baby Milan, who has now proceeded to whisk back into Dreamworld, but hey, I’m not complaining) and I FINALLY have the chance to unleash and share some of my thoughts over here.

I am even showered and dressed, ready for my day, and preparing breakfast for us and a dear houseguest as I speak. What??!! And all this before six am! And all while I listen and shake to some of my favorite dance tracks. Whoaaa, perhaps there is hope for me yet as a proper domestic goddess!

In other news, first quarter of the year done already, and I’m breathing deep as I weave and draw the strands of my world stronger together, giving of me as much as I can to these that make up my world. Alexander is on vacation and home with Milan and I now (oh joy!), causing and leading all manners of chaos and rebellion. I breathe deep and resist the urge to tear all my hair out, and Milos takes great delight in reminding me “this is the year of letting go and experimenting more” as he strives to get me to taste all manners of concoctions he makes in the kitchen. But again, I’m not complaining, most of the stuff he whips up in the kitchen are actually reeeeeally good.

OK, guys, gotta go! And oh, last thing… More of a reminder to me than anything.


Because apparently, those darn unromantic oats will BURN. I know right, so insensitive of them!




PS. I’m also looking semi looking forward to the day when I’m not speckled with dirt because the dear babies have been messing around in the backyard soil again… naaah I’m not. Please let them remain babies forever!!


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PS2. These beautiful African bangles are courtesy of Biki, (with other yummy goodies!!) from when I won her giveaway last year!! I finally had them arrive in Ghana, and it was like Christmas all over again. Thank you, Biki!!

_DSC0168 (2)-002

_DSC0202 (2)-001

_DSC0155 (2)-001

PS3. Yes, I had two different looks with this (for home and away) and I’m curious which you prefer?



_DSC0193 (2)-002

Okayyyy, take care my loves, ahooooj!

  1. I must admit that the all-black version looked like a sleek, sexy jumpsuit at first glace and I adore it! Also of note, how can I achieve the same air of jubilee that you exude in every one of your posts — I swear I can almost hear you laughing and shrieking with joy off-camera, it always looks like you’re having so much fun in every picture! I hope you’re having a wonderful week so far!

    1. Hmmm, now that I take a second look, you’re right, it could pass for a jumpsuit at first glance. And awwww Tristan! I dunno I’m just so inordinately super jubilant these days. Grrrr. You’re so sweet though!

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