April 21, 2016

Ahooooj everyone!!!

I bring you today a very special post; my very first overseas collaboration! When Edward from Idakoos contacted me about a possible collaboration, reviewing any product of my choice from their online shop at, I must admit that I was quite skeptical at first. To be honest, I hardly ever accept sponsored posts even though I’ve been receiving regular requests since I started this blog. What intrigued me to say yes was the courteous manner of Edward, his professionalism, and his willingness to try something new (in this case managing shipping to Slovakia or Ghana).

The other thing that impressed me about Idakoos was their concept, that you can buy virtually any product and have it customized to suit your tastes.

They have a whole range of products to choose from, and I went for this top. I love the vibe of it, it has a certain sport luxe vibe to it, so it’s so on trend. The colour is perfect, it can go with any other colour and it fits perfectly in my wardrobe, because I’m a huge fan of black and white pieces. I can wear this top casually at home (which I’m doing at the moment), or dress it up for my day out (which I’ve done). It’s a very versatile piece.

So, my verdict?

I love it. I especially love the feel of it. It’s soft to touch, and it’s obviously of great quality. I imagine I will be wearing this pieces for aeons to come. πŸ˜€ I’m so in love with it, especially the inscription at the front “hello Cara. bye kitty”! Haha. And the fact that it’s crossed oceans to get to me makes it extra special. *wink wink*

And btw, guess who is no longer living the single parent life?? Meeee, that’s who!

Milos is back from his short stint in Europe, which is great, because I was about to go bat-crap crazy from exhaustion. Luckily (for him, grrrr) he came bearing gifts. Including what I’m wearing today (and some more goodies I’m yet to show you)! Aaaah, I’m so excited!!!

Anyway, I paired the shirt with my ripped denim from mrp and these beautiful white strappy sandals, and best of all, my new pre-loved and practically ancient vintage Chanel bag (but I love it anyway!!)! Hip hip!!

Hope you enjoy the look!






Anyways, almost the end of the week, and I still have so much to share but so little time. Grrrr.

Hope you’ve had a good one!

Love, light, and peeeace.



Top – idakoos

Ripped denim – mrp (accra mall)

Shoes – River Island

Β Chanel bag – (gifted)

  1. You look like a rockstar! I love everything about this–the black on black is so chic and those white heels are the perfect contrast, that denim is perfectly destroyed, and THAT BAG!! It might be ancient but I certainly can’t tell and besides, vintage Chanel never goes out of style. All that side, your posture is perfect and made me sit up in my chair straighter πŸ™‚ I need to recreate this killer look stat…

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