April 12, 2016
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What does hair mean to you?

Hair means different things to different people. To some it is the crowning glory of a woman, a major part of what makes her beautiful. To others, it is not just hair, but also an antenna for higher spiritual awareness. To still others, it means nothing at all, just something that happens to grow out of their scalp.

Whatever hair is, it is deeply fascinating that the ancients kept their hair long as a matter of principle, and that conquerors cut off the hair of their slaves (the people they conquered) as a sign of their enslavement and in a bid to decrease their spiritual and mental strength and make them more docile.



As I have mentioned before,Β for me growing up in the Ghanaian culture, hair was a nuisance and a messy distraction, to be shaved off about every three weeks. Which means that I never learnt to properly get to know my hair; what it loves, what it dislikes, how it behaves under different conditions, how to keep it at its best and how to style it, to maximize its potential.

Which is why I’ve been deliberately wearing it out most of the time since I went natural, and mostly protective styling with wigs.

Gone (with the wind) are those days when I used to daydream of long silky hair that blows in the wind. The more my hair grows out, the deeper I fall in love with its facets, its tempestuous personality, the give-and-take nature of our relationship. Care for it, and it will grow; ignore it, and it will ignore your waist-length goals.

Long hair, short hair, a bald head, etc… it all truly does not matter how we keep it, as long as our intent is pure and comes from a place of self-love and what looks good on us. I whole-heartedly believe that what crowns our beauty is our personality, our character, and not our hair. Don’t panic though! The waist-length pursuit is still onnnn. Albeit now, it’s basically a healthy hair journey, as opposed to a long hair journey. I basically just wanna have lots and lots of fun with it! (And yes, I still want to dye it purple.) Let it grow authentically, no stress, and see how far we go, you know? πŸ™‚

So today I was playing with this look, and I loved this so much I decided to upload a tutorial for it, because it’s such an easy achievable protective style.

I basically parted my hair into one section as a time, wet it with my water/oils mix, added coconut oil based cream and the styling gel, and then rolled and tucked in the ends. Then I secured the roll with bobby pins. The hair ended up in six sections over all, but if you have shorter hair you can have more than that.


Also, can I just declare hallelujah that soon my two-week stint of single parenting is about to end??!! I mean, there’s only so long I can keep my mind and sanity, right? And wouldn’t it be lovely to go to the bathroom without those two hovering over my shoulder making sure I had an “excellent poo poo”?? (Although I may or may not be responsible for teaching them that… but let’s blame it on the cat down the road, shall we?? *wink wink*)

Thank you for reading, lotsa lotsa love to you, my loves. Toodles!!

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carasiskova -naturalafrohair (4)

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(And oh, about my recent looks, goodness knows it’s been grunge for dayyyysss. and dayyysss, and daaaays. Hmph.)

Love, Cara.

  1. I can relate to struggling with learning the ins and outs of my hair — I always treated it like an accessory to have fun with and dyed it so many colors throughout the years. It eventually got so damaged that I had to stop doing anything with it — no coloring, blow-drying, styling, anything — and basically had a bad hair day for two years πŸ™ I still haven’t fully ‘recovered’ from that, my hair is very thin and is full of split ends, but I’ve come to love my natural dirty-blonde color, and I do hair masks weekly to keep it moisturized and prevent further splitting. Looking forward to the day I can reap the rewards of putting in the time and effort to really love and take care of it!

    I hope you have a wonderful weekend! Happy that you’re no longer suffering from the ‘single-parenthood’ haha.

    1. What??!! Your hair looks absolutely gorgeous to me. And hey, don’t beat yourself up about it. you experimented and learnt what to do and what not to do. AND you had fun with it. And yes, you’ll be reaping the rewards soon, in my opinion you already are. It’s beautiful!
      Much love to you, and thanks for connecting on IG, Tristan! (PS. It gives me a secret thrill to say your name. Hihihi)

  2. Really liking these hair shots hon, you and your camera…its an interesting way to do a hair post and on a different note: Congrats on going to Video! I’ve no idea what your content will be but I sure hope you’ll be doing hair posts. It will be a great way to bring your content to life and I’m looking forward to hearing what you sound like! Have a good wkend!
    Ps film a hair video N-O-W!! ( :

    1. Ohmygosh, you have no idea, I literally have a teeny tiny voice. And you know what? I absolutely refuse to say one word on camera until I deepen it. *stamping foot.* *stamp stamp**
      And thank you Biki! Much love to you.

    1. LOL Meron you seriously are hilarious! I’m sure it’s not that bad. Love it, treat it well, and it will do better dear. And thank you. Much love.

    1. Yes dear. And I saw some simple short hair style similar to this one that you can easily do. I’ll send it to you ok.

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