May 7, 2016

When we were small, Mother used to make almost all of our everyday clothes (except for our Christmas clothes ((Bronya ataare)) of course, which we also got already-made clothes as a special bonus!).

There was this particular dress she made for me which I loved.

She gathered together all the various colours and patterns of left-over material (or cloth. In Ghana we call it material 🙂 ) from her past sewing projects and sewed a shift dress for me. Oh, how I loved that dress! It was magnificent. A glorious clash of happy dancing patterns and colours. All those different patterns of ntoma (cloth) should have turned out mix-matched, yes? But somehow, they didn’t. It was simply magnificent!

It was my very own coat of many colours. Quirky and unique, just for me.

I wore that shift dress everyday and everywhere! It was loose but not too loose, just the right amount of room and length, so I could wear it when we went to fetch water (from the neighbour who owned one of the town pipes) downhill. It was a bit of a difficult trudge uphill, so the roomy fit was great. I also loved to wear to Saturday classes and very especially, for dance rehearsals after the classes. Because my body swayed in it just right. 

And you know what? Bestest of all, it was unique to me. Made with love, made with care, just for me. Nobody else there wore that kind of crazy dress.

There’s just something about lovingly crafted personalized items that just speak volumes to us, isn’t there?

So imagine my excitement when I recently had the chance to discover this glorious online shop, UncommonGoods. Their story of how it all began really caught my eye. That they are literally bringing together an army of talented artisans from far-flung places, uniting them with individuals with an eye for truly special goods. Getting these creations to the clients, regardless of the physical distance between the maker and the shopper.

Every piece is special, has its very own story. Quirky, beautiful and unique. As an avid reader myself (as you guys know), with dreams of owning an extensive inspiring library one day (and also building one in the town where I grew up, because trying to find storybooks there was just torture!!! BUT that’s a story for another time.), I am literally LIVING for their selection of bookends here. (Check them out and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Aaargh, I just want to get everything! )

While you are it, their selections of home decor (check it out here), wedding and anniversary gifts ( here!) are just heart-melting. Just look at that bamboo clock wall!

Everything uniquely designed, creative, quirky and fun. Uncommon goods indeed. If you’re looking for that special gift for mother’s day, well you know where to go, M… (*cough, cough* ahem, ahem, just saying 😛 )

Overall I loved discovering their commitment to fair practices, sustainability and design. That they strive for sustainability through the use of up-cycled and recycled materials for the goods and environmentally friendlier packaging is commendable, won’t you agree?

Discovering my love for that quirky kaleidoscopic dress of my childhood, I guess you know now part of the reason why I love to thrift shop….

This little navy-black number I’m wearing today is also another thrifted gem. Matched with my staple of a red blazer and ankara (ntoma) accessories, I got a bit of that feeling back. That feeling of wearing my coat of many colours that my childhood dress always gave me.

And guess who decided to photobomb mommy while she shot her photos? Baby Milan, that’s who! He thought it would be cute to come display his hanging prowess, and I can’t say I disagree. 😉

Have a lovely weekend, my lovelies!









Do have yourself a wonderful weekend!

Let’s have a glorious love affair with life!



Dress -thrifted

Blazer – H&M

Accessories – Biggles Kreations

Shoes – Tesco

Bag – random shop Topolcany

(Post in collaboration with Uncommon Goods)

  1. Awwww Baby MilllAAAN!! Hon, I’d have loved to seen you in your Joseph and the Technicolour Shift Dress! Its so cool how creative our mums are, yours can sew, mine can knit amd has been known to whip up scarves, baby blankets…sadly I didnt get her knitting or sewing genes…anyhoo the co. you mention sounds fab! Have a lovely wkend hon ( :

  2. Fabulous fashion portraits of you and baby Milan! I love that you were in bright red and he was in sky blue. The cut of your red blazer is flattering and I’ve enjoyed your fashion story once again! Much love!! X

  3. So many wonderful things in this post! I love the story of your dress your mom made you and how you wore it with pride — it shows that your colorful and unique style has been there since a young age. I’ve also shopped at Uncommon Goods before but didn’t know about all the back story; I agree it’s a great site for gifts and I’ll definitely keep shopping there now! Finally, your rocking outfit. You look like the most stylish, put together momma on the block 🙂 and you’re right, the photobomb by Milan was toooo adorable!

    1. Thank you, thank you Tristan! I’m blushing over here! 😉 😀
      And hey, I’m glad to hear you like Uncommon goods too. Their designs really are unique and beautiful.

    1. Thank you Kachee!
      And yes, I love that song so much. It always played through my head when I wore that dress. 🙂
      Thank you for reading.

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