call me crazy


but I miss these red, pink and blue highlights in my hair.

I’ve been doing a word of the month thing where I pick a quality that I’d like to work on / see more of in my life.

Last month, the word was courage. So I looked for ways to show more courage in my life. One of the ways I applied the concept was wearing my hair in long spiky African threaded style. In public. (just because I love it in that style and it stretches my hair out nicely. )

Oh the stares I got! Ha!

You would think it was a foreign unheard style or something, but it’s our culture. haha.

Anyway, the word for this month is compassion! Just thought I’d share this with you so we’d do this together. I’ll probably elaborate in another post soon.

Talk soon.

Love, Cara.


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  1. The hair is unexpected but fun. The point of view of this selfies is also humorous. Keep the peace, love and understanding alive. The evil in the world seems well organized, especially here in the USA. The goal should be to build bridges among those who favor love over hate.

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