A few months ago, Baby Milan said his first sentence. ( Ugh, can’t even write that without tearing up.) He has also long since mastered running, and even climbing.

Amidst all the pleasure and pride of witnessing these milestones is also a melancholy because well, my baby is growing up. I just want to freeze time and preserve his nozzles and baby smell, hold him tightly in my arms forever.

Life is so damn short, isn’t it?

So I hope you get caught up in these day to day moments that make up your life, because they are golden. Yes, even these seemingly mundane, because they are magic! One day you’ll be gazing back at them in nostalgia.

I hope you shut down the noise sometimes, I hope you spend enough time in getting to know and love you.

And even more importantly, I hope you spread the love.






Today’s fashion featuring my latest tentative steps into the hat wearing world again, and a beautiful romper I picked up from Eye Candy Ghana. Check them out on Instagram, I loved their stuff in the shop and picked up a few.

Do have yourself a wonderful week!

Lots of love,




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  1. Hey Cara, how are youuuu? I see you are experimenting with your headers- this is good! So coooote Milan said his first sentence, i wonder what it was. And yup, you gotta shut out the noise sometimes…I live alone and that really helps. Have a lovelyl wkend ( :

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