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June 8, 2016


Stirring grouchily awake at 5am, packing up supplies and sleepy little ones, tempers running high as the sun slowly but surely rises and finally a peek of a rocky terrained beach between a road lined by shrub and trees and we are at Sakumono beach.

Situated close to Tema and the Spintex area, it’s perfect if you live in that area (about 30 minutes or less drive from the Spintex road).Β To avoid the huge crowds that throng the beach on the weekends, go at dawn and be treated to a spectacular sunrise as well!

I’m so excited to share these images with you today. They fit so well with the mantra that has been running through my head all this year. “Let’s have a glorious love affair with life!”

You see, I’ve kinda been one prone to intense emotions all my life. Hinging all my emotions on particular outcomes, feeling everything deeply, and then beating myself up for it. No more, because oh my darling, what is life for if not toΒ live,Β with all intensity through its ups and downs? The defeats sure hurt, but the joys, oh my dears, they are everything.

So here I am, saying I love life, even when it makes me cry mama, and I love you. I hope these images inspire you, as they do me, to just live.

This is a reconfirmation and rededication to always make those around me feel welcome, loved and valued. All you offline and online, because truly, there’s little distinction you know? Energies are contagious even through the screen.

Sooo, welcome back to my blog!!! Where it’s all about sharing, positivity, joy and laughter. Welcome!

PS. See what has been lurking on my computer all year just waiting to be shared. These photos! And 23284628236 more just waiting too.Β See, there’s a silver lining to every cloud indeedy. πŸ˜€

Just feel the magic!











Call me coocoo but I absolutely love wearing white to the beach. (My friends say that’s like bringing sand to the beach but I don’t care, hmph.) This is a thrifted offshoulder vintage dream that made me feel all senorita-ish glam and ish, lol. Which goes to prove style never about the price tag, but definitely about how it makes you feel.

Happy hump day!



  1. So glad to see you posting again! As always this post was so inspiring; your writing has a way of making me feel like I’m there with you, grumbling as I wake up at dawn but knowing it will be worth it once I get to the beach. Also, I can’t believe that romper is thrifted. You seem to thrift the best items, I need your secrets!! And I can’t leave without saying, those photos are BEAUTIFUL. That morning sun on the water, wow–definitely makes the early wake-up worth it for such a stunning sight!

  2. Hey Cara,

    Welcome back! You returned with a fabulous bang. πŸ™‚

    The white romper is beyond chic, left to me, there would be a global policy banning anything but cute white rompers as beach outfits. Lol

    @ Energies are contagious even through the screen. I love your perspective, we do impact the people that we relate with either physically or even virtually. Best to make that impact count.

    Indeed, “what is life for if not to live, with all intensity through its ups and downs?” We live, we learn, we grow…

    1. Nedoux for president! Hahaha see how much I agree.
      “We live, we learn, we grow. ” Exactement! Thank you for reading, Nedu.

    1. YAAAAS. So happy to hear that! We build up each other with the fruits of our mouths and hands. And what are soul sisters for?! πŸ˜€ :*

    1. Hard but a worthy choice we make everyday. Life is going to happen anyway, so why not just build a love affair with it, right. πŸ˜€ Thank you for reading!

  3. Loving these photos hon, I cant make out whether you are wearing a white onesy or top and shorts but either way, me loves it! And yr boys are sooo cooote playing in the sand, when I see your pics I’m almost tempted to be a beach girl, erm, almost…haha! ( ;

  4. Oh gosh, I have no idea what I love most about the photos! They are AMAZING and definitely very life-approving! Your gorgeous and contagious smiles, all your beautiful faces, the beautiful location, your gorgeous outfit, the happiness you all spread, your amazing beach body (that makes me totally envious – you don’t look like having given birth to two children! you’re doing a great job staying fit & fabulous!) .. ahh so much beauty, love and happiness in this post I don’t know what to say haha I’d really love to photography you, but I guess I won’t be able to make it to Ghana before you come to Europe πŸ˜€ Europe shall it be, then πŸ˜€

    1. Monicaaaa!! I definitely hope we see each other in Europe, but I was longing to show you Ghana as well. Thank you love. I’m so happy you enjoyed this article!

  5. You look GORGEOUS!!!!! I love your hair. I’m growing mine out and that’s exactly what I hope I end up with. That off the shoulder white romer is perfect on you, too!


    1. Thank you, Faith! I’ll be keeping my fingers crossed for you then. It’s not so easy but you’ll definitely get there and even more with patience. Happy hair growing!

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