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Good afternoon from the depths of my cozy bed where I currently lay convalescing! I’ve been dreadfully sick. However, today’s post is not about that. It’s become glaringly obvious to me, that for a life+style blog that this space has become, I never actually did proper introductions. I know right, oh my. We must rectify this oversight at once!

So let’s get to it!

First up, we have Papa Bear.


We know him around these parts as our ever-faithful photographer, M. Milos. (Pronounced like Meelosh…) I know the name might sound Greek but he is actually from the little big country, Slovakia. You might hear us call him Milosko (which means Little Milos, it’s a Slovak term of endearment. πŸ™‚ ) Milosko, love of my life. We’ve been together forever, practically all of my adult life. His arms are my escape, right where I belong. I love him so much. He is our man, our Rock.

Milosko is also a brilliant problem-solver (mathematical genius) by the way and into telecom engineering.

milos and the boys

(chasing tiny crabs at the beach)

Milos is an only child but he wants a big family of eleven, his own football team with him as captain. πŸ˜‰ Ummmm… But I think he’ll probably settle for three or four.

Next up, three-year old Alexander!


You know this little trouble-maker, Alexko! Just like his name, he sees, he likes, he conquers. Ha. He inspires me with his breathtaking exuberance for life. *His eyes are hard* (direct transliteration from Twi, my local language, meaning he is adventurous and cannot be bullied), but he is very gentle and tender-hearted.

His favourite place is hands down, the beach. But that can be said for all of the family, as you know!

Senya bearaku sunflower beach resort

(Sunset at Sunflower Beach Resort, Senya Beraku beach)

Then we have one-year old sweet baby Milan!


Just like the Slovak meaning of his name, Milan is such a sweet boy. So intuitive, so gentle. Aaaah, he’s just perfect!


And then we have Mama Bear right here, me! You know me already, CCC. Cara Caroline Cobbinah aka Cara Siskova (Siskova means “belonging to Siska”) aka Maame Akesi Boah (my traditional name). Lover of books, babies, hair, attachment parenting, and recently, fashion. πŸ™‚

So there you have us, our cozy family of four.

Someone once asked me, “how does it feel to have children who don’t look like us?” and this question comes up swirling in my head from time to time. My answer is, I do not feel that my boys do not look like us. When I see Alex’s face, I see the strong lines of my grandma’s features, our cheekbones and lips, our dark eyes, passed down to me and now to him. He also has long eye lashes just like his father’s. Alex has my hands, my legs, even my ears, haha. Spitting image of me. πŸ™‚ Milan on the other hand is the spitting image of his father, even with mannerisms just like him. “Okoto nwo anoma…” πŸ˜‰


attachment parenting xocara


Hope I’ve appeased your curiosity about us!

Till we chat soon, stay safe.

And do enjoy the rest of your week!

With so much love,





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  1. You’ve been blessed with a beautiful family, Cara. Thanks for the lovely introduction.

    BTW, what does that Ghanaian expression at the end mean?

  2. What a beautiful family you have Cara! A life of receiving love and giving love is a fulfilled life. I believe that you’ve achieved that darling!!

    Viv X

    • We thank God indeed. Bless you dear, thank you so much for reading! ❀

  3. I think it’s a question a lot of people always feel the need to ask. We like to look just on the surface which in this case is skin color(esp wit mixed race families).
    Your response btw was great.
    Sure their skin tone is a mix of both parents but have you taken a good look at the other important features?
    I was at a job interview and I met a lady who I naturally assumed was south American. I find out she’s Indian and I was then able to really look at her and see extreme features known to Indians that I didn’t notice before due to my non chalant assumption. Ok well she changed her hair color which was what confused me(excuses I know!!).
    Anyways, your family is amazing and we are looking FWD to having kids of our own one day!!!

    • Honey I cannot wait to see your kids as well with Gorgeousness! Aaaaaah πŸ˜€
      Thank you for contributing, and thank you for reading. ❀❀

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