beach fashion ankara print

Given the amount of weekends we spend at the beach (almost every one), this mama has had to get a little bit creative with the outfits in order to keep things interesting.

I believe my favorite combo when it comes to beach outfits would be pretty shorts and a cute top.

Last time it was these favourite embroidered white shorts of mine paired with an ntoma top.

A basic but pretty strong combo, no?


beach fashion ankara ntoma styles

Tropical palms Ghana

All the vibrant hues of green and blue just about made me feel like I was in heaven.

What a beautiful world we live in!

Now tell me, would you rock this combo to the beach yourself? The weekend is coming up! Wink wink.

Loads of love,


PS. Say a warm hello to my new texlaxed tresses!

beach fashion ankara print

senya beraku beach fashion ghana

beach fashion ankara ntoma styles

Did I mention this was also a perfect outfit for hot chases through the sand as well? Check out my instagram for what I mean… haha

beach fashion ankara ntoma styles

beach fashion ankara ntoma styles

Have a blessed weekend!

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  1. Loving the tropical-like vibes and those vibrant colours. I know you’d love it here in Jamaica, Miss Beach Babe. 🙂

  2. I love how this top makes you look like you have a lei necklace on…you could be doing a hula dance on the beaches of Hawaii! That last pictures by the water is just stunning <3 Happy almost-weekend to you Cara!

  3. Hi Cara,

    How’ve you been?

    Vibrant print in such happy colours, you look lovely.

    Beach every weekend, eh? Sounds heavenly to me. Lol

  4. Something magical about the combo of the hot pink and the jungle green! And you rock these colours effortlessly Cara!!

    Viv X

  5. Oh lawd ! Having a beach just around your backyard has to be the most amazing experience ever!
    Now let’s delve into that green goodness you have on. The color is so heavenly and just screams summer!
    Would be so amazing to be able to wear something Ankara every day of this very hot summer we have now….even though it’s raining at this very moment

  6. I have been to the beach in shorts and a blouse too, but I will try the ntoma blouse style too. Have a good day, gorgeous!

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