August 23, 2016


cara siskova


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Living in Ghana is absolutely a blessing weather-wise. It’s blue skies, refreshing breezes, beautiful coast lines and coconut all day long if you so wish. Perfect summer weather and summer dresses all year long. Literally paradise.

Aren’t we the luckiest souls alive?

So add some vibrancy to your day and indulge in some perfect statement-making magnificent pops of colour, even if they are old favourites… Escape into colour!

Also, some good news…

At the end of the third week of July, clad in long flowing gowns reminiscent of Harry Potter, and a cap that kept slipping back down hair slicked into a bun, I sashayed up and down the graduating aisle and got declared as an Alumni.

It’s all over. Done with. And my life is now my own, yippeee!!!! Literally so thankful and over the moon. It was the perfect time to go spend some time with my mom and be fattened up in celebration. (And what a wonderful time and learning experience it was! Especially for the boys, they enjoyed living on a farm of sorts so much.) And now I can fully devote my life to the second stage of my apprenticeship – mastering Creative Writing. Wish me luck!

What you been up to these days? My, how I have missed you!

As always, thank you for reading, love you muchos!


  1. Congratulations on graduation Cara. And that dress looks incredibly lovely on you. I wish you the very best in life and I hope blessings and Favour find you.

  2. I always take the pleasure of reading such beautiful writings. You do well, Cara. Wish you well on your creative writing. love you…

  3. woop! Woop! Congrats hon, awesome and lucky you to be doing a Creative Writing course, I’m looking into getting Social Media/Digital Marketing ones which won’t be as, well, creative! Must have been so nice being with your Ma and the boys. Have a good weekend hon ( :

  4. Congratulations on your graduation. Missed you too. Hope you are keeping well. You look gorgeous Cara.
    Do take care.

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