February 2, 2018

Shall I whisper, or shall I shout?

Feel like Tom Sawyer’s Becky Thatcher, lost in the caves, calling out with the walls reverberating with sound.

Except I whisper gently, …are you there?

Ahoj… Hello…

Sorry I left you in the cold…

Will you forgive me? I’m back here and I promise to do better…

Is that a joyful “ahoj” I’m hearing back from you??! Or is it the echo of my own voice?

Ahoj from me, in an outfit I loved, that brightened my day. Felt like a Spanish Senorita, and Alex’s friend Yasmine told me I “had shape and looked like a Black American”. Her sister Jada on the other hand, firmly decided and made me promise to do her makeup on her wedding day because I do mine “so nice”.

Well… baby weight for the win? (Yes, I have one more little bundle to cuddle and hold close. Adam, all bright eyes, cute little smiles, and searching/nudging rosebud lips. Eleven weeks old on Saturday!)

Seeing as Valentine’s day is right around the corner, consider this a little Valentine day outfit inspiration!

What are doing this Valentine? I think I might cart off the family for ice cream out, or simply stay in and read a nice book. But ha, who am I kidding! Read a sentence of a nice book is more like it, with the activity and exhaustion level around here. No complaints though. #blessed (Also, my birthday approaches; 4th February, so excited for that!)

Happy new month, my loves, and happy new year!














Top : Thrifted from @twice_new on insta

Skirt : mrp fashion

Shoes : Tesco Slovakia

Earrings : Odara

Lips : Mac Ruby Woo


Thank you so much for being here, for reading, for all the positivity and support; everything.

Love, Cara Mamacita!

  1. Hey, love your style . Where are you based? We would like to do a free photo shoot courtesy of . Let us know what you think about it.

  2. Hey, love your style . Where are you based? We would like to do a free photoshoot courtesy of . Let us know what you think about it. Kind regards.

  3. Welcome back, Cara! It’s great that you’re blogging again. I’m looking forward to learning new things from you this year. And congrats again on your new prince, Adam! He’s such a treasure. I know he’s lighting up your lives.

    You look amazing! The baby weight sure agrees with you. And how nice of it to fall in all the right places. ;-D

    1. You know, didn’t think about it this way, but it’s true, how nice of the weight to fall in all the right places haha.
      Thank you, Adam is just….hmmm… wonderful. Sigh
      Thanks for reading!

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