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“My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style”

– Maya Angelou


Hello everyone!

My name is Cara, an ardent lover of life and beauty, and you are welcome to my blog!!

It all begun in January 2015 when I purchased this xocara.com domain, and decided to:

 “wear something else besides pajamas all day, everyday; spruce up deliciously tasty meals in the kitchen (“eatable” is just not going to cut it anymore!); learn to sew haute couture worthy gowns that drape elegantly over newly re-toned restored post-mommy body (learning how to sew basically will suffice too!); and grow incredibly loooong afro hair that floats just below my waist line!”

Fast forward a few months and I had the amazing opportunity to model for Sarah Christian’s May Collection together with my little moonbeam Milan (Explore the shoot here.) and it’s been an amazing, passionate roller-coaster ride ever since, inspiring beloved readers from all over the world.

I write this blog in the hopes of creating support, resources and inspiration for creative young Ghanaian women for living an exploratory positive beautiful life wrought around their passions. 

I’d like to inspire you to explore. I’d like to inspire you to create. I’d like to inspire you to work hard for your purpose, dreams and visions. If at the end of the day I’m able to do that for even just one person, then woohoo! Let’s consider this blog a success.

When I’m not blogging, you will probably find me engrossed in a good book or behind a high stack of books with my glasses perched on my nose thumbing through, doing some research on how to keep up with the two balls of energy that are my sons! I also love to lose myself in my writing as it keeps me sane, and I love to explore other cultures through travel and languages.

Welcome along on the style train; our style tells our story, and a woman who takes charge of her style takes charge of her life! Have fun exploring the blog!

xo, Cara.





  1. It’s amazing to read your blog. I know u from Porter Girl’s. Proud APSAN there. You always had a book in hand.

  2. Hi Cara, it’s amazing to read your blog post and your pictures are amazing to watch, I am based in South Africa and I am currently working in a digital agency as a blogger outreach supplier, One of our brands that specialise on hair and beauty is soon to be expanding in Africa and I am compiling a list of bloggers in Ghana, I was wondering if you are currently based in Ghana? As i would have loved to work with you on the campaigns we about to run in Ghana. Here is my email: nelisiwe.zuma@conversationlab.com

  3. Hi cara, thanks so much for subscribing to my bog Benola Organics. Good work done. I have been searching for Ghanaian sites like this since like forever. I’m definetly subscribing to support.

  4. Thank you for all the likes, i am very flattered. I love your blog, it has amazing photography and you are very beautiful.
    Your blog is definitely an inspiration❤️

  5. wow I didn’t know you’re a mum – I can’t believe you gave birth to two children, you look incredible! your children are beautiful too <3

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