Hello my lovely lady readers! Today’s post is especially for all you afro-haired ladies wishing to grow out your hair. As you guys know, one of my style goals include growing out my hair to waist length!  (Can I get an amen…) So I did what any determined gal would do in my shoes, and plunged into the world of google for more information.

Overseas bloggers I discovered aplenty, but very few Ghanaian hair bloggers, so imagine my delight when I stumbled on this amazing lady with gorgeous gorgeous  locks on Instagram! A Ghanaian natural hair blogger at last! And with such beautiful thick healthy locks! I fell in love with her Instagram and later her youtube channel and we just had to meet up.

We got to know each other over ice-cream and cakes in the mall, where she introduced me to one of her secret hair weapons – coconut oil. This one was extra-special, it smelled ah-maaa-zing aaand, wait for it, she made it herself. She and her sister (also natural-haired) are working on their own range of natural hair products, and judging from how great the coconut oil is (I’ve been using it for a few months now for both me and the boys’ hair) , I for one cannot WAIT to discover more of what they have to offer. Of course I had to invite her on here for us to discover more of her story. So here goes…


Introduce yourself. Tell us about your natural hair journey.

My name is Mavis Fuseini, but you probably know me as Natural journal on social media. I made the decision to go natural sometime in 2010, so I stopped relaxing the hair for about 5 months, but vexed by the lack of information, and my hairdresser constantly telling me I couldn’t do it, one day I just grabbed a box of relaxer and had my new growth relaxed. Of course I regretted it!! And so on 31st July, 2011 I chopped it all off, and here we are today. It’s been an enlightening journey for me since then, and now my hair and I have a strong love affair going on J.


We are all so eager over here to know your hair secrets! Do tell us about your hair regimen (if you have one..)

I don’t know if I should say I have a regimen. Although the products I use have pretty much remained the same, I’m always changing how I use them. But I try to keep it really simple, you know. I aim for low manipulation and so my hair is usually in twists all week! I take them down on weekends to wash or co-wash. Oh and also to take shots for my social media pages. Lol. I used to wash my hair (with African black soap) once every month, but lately I do so only when I think it’s really dirty. Otherwise, I’m rinsing with apple cider vinegar, clarifying with baking soda, or simpy using aloe vera gel to cleanse. I also have a few hair treatments that I absolutely love, like the mayo, banana, or avocado treatment. It’s my desire to do one of these every other week, but it seems laziness has other plans for me. So currently I do a treatment every now and then.


Hmmm, interesting. Tell us about your top favourite things about your hair?

Do excuse some vanity, but it’s so beautiful! Lol. I love the brown patches I have on my temples. You’d have to look closely to see it. It feels like a secret. Lol. I love that my hair is constantly teaching me lessons like patience, and that change is inevitable. I love that I get to take care of it myself, in my own time and at my own pace. And finally, I love that it gives others hope, that it can be done.

How about the negatives?

I’ll let you know if and when I find any. lol.


Haha that’s awesome! When it comes to natural hair acceptance in Ghana, it’s a bit of a mixed reaction. Some love it and some just…don’t. Do tell us about your aspirations and hopes for natural hair in Ghana?

It’s such a delightful view these days, you know.  Maybe it’s from my own biased observation, but today, I see 1 out of every 5 women with natural hair and I think that’s amazing. I see a future in which we all embrace our natural beauty, and I surely hope that in my own small way, I help to make it happen.

From your blog and instagram page we can see that you are a creative soul. What do you think about the creative community in Ghana, and what do you aspire to do with all those creative juices?

I do believe that we all have some magic in us. It was easily seen when we were kids, but somewhere along the line we thought it better to hide. However, looking at the trends in fashion, blogging, vlogging, poetry, arts, etc, I think a lot of us are making the journey back home, you know, finding our creative inner selves. And that’s exciting! For me, this is just the beginning of adding more color to life. Mine and everyone else’s.


Dream job?

That’s a tough one. Today I want to be many things! Lol. A nutritionist, a yoga teacher, a fashion designer, and a singer, all in one. Maybe now I should include hair guru in the list haha. However, considering I have a degree in Nutrition and I get in the zone while making fashion sketches, I’ll probably tackle those first. Ask me again tomorrow!


Thank you so much for this inspiring interview, Mavis! Do let us know your final message to us…

You can do anything you want to do. The only reason you can’t is because you think you can’t. And this includes growing beautiful, long, healthy, lustrous hair right here in Ghana, or wherever you are. Many ladies have told me they can’t do it. I always have one response; you’ll never know if you never try. After all, if it doesn’t work out you can always go back to straightening.





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Have a great week, everyone!