Hey guys! We are almost at the end of the week, woohoo! I’ve been a little bit under the weather for the past few days, so I’ll be glad for some rest over the weekend. Hope you’ve fared better!

In today’s post, I wanted us to have a little chat about blogging as an industry in Ghana, and why you should (probably) start your own blog.

Over the past couple of years, I dipped my toes a little bit in blogging here and there, but it wasn’t until last year that I really dived in and I’ve been blogging consistently for a year now.

Coming into the industry, I observed a few things. The blogging community all around the world is hUGE. Like, seriously. There are literally millions of blogs and millions more being created every second… okay, maybe not every second, but you know what I mean. 🙂

Surprised? Don’t be. Blogging is a fantastic means of expressing your creativity, connecting with like-minded people (whom I like to call kindred spirits) from around the world, sharing information and recommendations, and even making a career (and/or money) online. Literally writing about just anything that you are passionate about! Bloggers are making it in the fields of literature, interior design, technology, and even fashion.

Overseas, blogging is pretty much becoming accepted as a “job” or career, which brings us to the blogging industry in Ghana. The blogging industry in Ghana as I see it, is still pretty much an up-and-coming industry, especially when it comes to the sub-category of personal style. News/magazine sites, creative writing and tech blogs seem to dominate the blogging world in Ghana, and some bloggers (think Chris at ghanacelebrities.com and Ameyaw Debrah) have actually managed to turn their passion for writing into high-paying careers. I recently read an article on Chris’s site in which he talks about having funded his further education overseas purely from the proceeds of his blog. You might have also seen that Ameyaw Debrah got invited to Mauritius because of his blog…

In my case, my blog is pretty much a personal blog (not a news blog with huge traffic and all that), and what with balancing family and university life last year, I only managed to post about one article per week on average, and yet I started getting opportunities like the shoot for Sarah Christian, writing requests, sponsored post requests, etc from my fourth month or so.

Guys, blogging is getting big!!!

What I love about blogging as a career, apart from its obvious perks like being able to express and share your creativity, is that you can do it from anywhere!!! (Funny, but Chris Attoh’s advert comes to mind…) As long as you have an internet connection, you can blog from anywhere in the world, which is pretty awesome if you have itchy feet like me and can’t stay in one location for too long. And yes, some people are travelling the world, TRAVELLING THE WORLD, courtesy of their blog.

So really, if you’ve been pondering and procrastinating on starting your blog. Let this be it. Follow that dream. Create that blog.

However, a warning. Blogging might look easy, but it is a TON of work. So, only go there if you genuinely LOVE whatever that you are writing about, and don’t go with a mindset of making millions after day one, because it’s not like that. I get so many questions about making money from blogging from my facebook family. It’s great that you want to get into blogging, but please do it for the right reasons if you want to enjoy it and last in the field.

If you would like to start your blog off with a bang, I highly recommend the book by Fashion and Style Police blogger Stella, “How To Cash In As A Blogger”. Stella is a successful blogger whose insightful posts on style, fashion and blogging I enjoy a lot, so I was delighted to find out she’s consolidated her best tips and sharing her journey in her book. I simply cannot wait to devour it!

I happen to think that entrepreneurship (also via getting online) is one of the ways in which Ghana can combat its unemployment issues, so I’m highly in support of getting our passions in the digital realm.

And oh, a last note! I guess you noticed the changed blog header with the final blog name. Yes, people! This is blog is now X.O. BY CARA. I started my blog wanting everything coming straight from the heart, as a love letter from me to you, hence I created the xo,cara domain name. I decided to stick with that concept, and broaden it, and hence the X.O. by Cara name. The X.O. Collective is a creative collection of fashion, style, and life inspiration for a beautiful authentic life, and I’m so excited, because I have so many ideas that I’ve been implementing and so many posts to share with you!

So fam, what do you think? Will you be giving blogging a try? I do invite you to join me! AND if you are already blogging, kudos and do share with us your creative concepts! 

With loads of love,



11. Let’s Talk About – Bollywood! (And Staying In Shape)


Hey y’all!

I’m so happy our electricity is back (after about 30hrs, eeek) and I can finally post again. (Welcome to the Dark Ages, literally!) 

Today I’d like to share with you one of my lifelong obsessions – Bollywood! I love Bollywood. I love Bollywood. No, I really loooove Bollywood! And Shah Rukh Khan. Man I was so crushed at fifteen years old when I learnt he was married. Like devastated – I spent days with a heavy dark cloud hanging over me… until I discovered Hrithik Roshan, then the clouds begun to clear and I tentatively begun to smile again. It was ages before I discovered he was also married (thank goodness??!). Yeah, story of my life. (My heart is such a graveyard of buried hopes!)

Do watch these:

Isn’t Katrina Kaif amazing! And SRK too!

Now most of my friends have been amazed about how quickly I seem to have regained my figure after two kids in quick succession. Most people find it unbelievable that baby Milan is just six weeks old and him so big and me so small. lol.

People keep asking me so what’s my secret; well, this is one of them – Bollywood dancing! (Not the only secret, of course, but that’s for another post. Nursing is a strong factor too.) Dancing Bollywood is great for keeping in shape, honestly! It’s really heavy on the moves and belly winding. LOL. I’m not really one for working out in the gym so this has been perfect for me, has always been.

If you love music and you love dance but hate the gym, then try out Bollywood dancing! (Salsa is not bad either, LOVE it.) The weight will just melt off and your muscles will firm and get so toned 🙂

Well, bye for now, until the next post! I’m off to dance a bit before the kids wake up from their nap (learning the choreography of these two songs).

And jamming to this playlist:

I’d love if you joined me! 😀



PS: If you’d like more tips or a full disclosure(that might be a long post, seriously!) on how I lost the weight and stay in shape then do let me know and I’ll write more on it. I wanted to keep this post short for you :*