Stirring grouchily awake at 5am, packing up supplies and sleepy little ones, tempers running high as the sun slowly but surely rises and finally a peek of a rocky terrained beach between a road lined by shrub and trees and we are at Sakumono beach.

Situated close to Tema and the Spintex area, it’s perfect if you live in that area (about 30 minutes or less drive from the Spintex road). To avoid the huge crowds that throng the beach on the weekends, go at dawn and be treated to a spectacular sunrise as well!

I’m so excited to share these images with you today. They fit so well with the mantra that has been running through my head all this year. “Let’s have a glorious love affair with life!”

You see, I’ve kinda been one prone to intense emotions all my life. Hinging all my emotions on particular outcomes, feeling everything deeply, and then beating myself up for it. No more, because oh my darling, what is life for if not to live, with all intensity through its ups and downs? The defeats sure hurt, but the joys, oh my dears, they are everything.

So here I am, saying I love life, even when it makes me cry mama, and I love you. I hope these images inspire you, as they do me, to just live.

This is a reconfirmation and rededication to always make those around me feel welcome, loved and valued. All you offline and online, because truly, there’s little distinction you know? Energies are contagious even through the screen.

Sooo, welcome back to my blog!!! Where it’s all about sharing, positivity, joy and laughter. Welcome!

PS. See what has been lurking on my computer all year just waiting to be shared. These photos! And 23284628236 more just waiting too. See, there’s a silver lining to every cloud indeedy. 😀

Just feel the magic!











Call me coocoo but I absolutely love wearing white to the beach. (My friends say that’s like bringing sand to the beach but I don’t care, hmph.) This is a thrifted offshoulder vintage dream that made me feel all senorita-ish glam and ish, lol. Which goes to prove style never about the price tag, but definitely about how it makes you feel.

Happy hump day!





When we were small, Mother used to make almost all of our everyday clothes (except for our Christmas clothes ((Bronya ataare)) of course, which we also got already-made clothes as a special bonus!).

There was this particular dress she made for me which I loved.

She gathered together all the various colours and patterns of left-over material (or cloth. In Ghana we call it material 🙂 ) from her past sewing projects and sewed a shift dress for me. Oh, how I loved that dress! It was magnificent. A glorious clash of happy dancing patterns and colours. All those different patterns of ntoma (cloth) should have turned out mix-matched, yes? But somehow, they didn’t. It was simply magnificent!

It was my very own coat of many colours. Quirky and unique, just for me.

I wore that shift dress everyday and everywhere! It was loose but not too loose, just the right amount of room and length, so I could wear it when we went to fetch water (from the neighbour who owned one of the town pipes) downhill. It was a bit of a difficult trudge uphill, so the roomy fit was great. I also loved to wear to Saturday classes and very especially, for dance rehearsals after the classes. Because my body swayed in it just right. 

And you know what? Bestest of all, it was unique to me. Made with love, made with care, just for me. Nobody else there wore that kind of crazy dress.

There’s just something about lovingly crafted personalized items that just speak volumes to us, isn’t there?

So imagine my excitement when I recently had the chance to discover this glorious online shop, UncommonGoods. Their story of how it all began really caught my eye. That they are literally bringing together an army of talented artisans from far-flung places, uniting them with individuals with an eye for truly special goods. Getting these creations to the clients, regardless of the physical distance between the maker and the shopper.

Every piece is special, has its very own story. Quirky, beautiful and unique. As an avid reader myself (as you guys know), with dreams of owning an extensive inspiring library one day (and also building one in the town where I grew up, because trying to find storybooks there was just torture!!! BUT that’s a story for another time.), I am literally LIVING for their selection of bookends here. (Check them out and you’ll see what I’m talking about. Aaargh, I just want to get everything! )

While you are it, their selections of home decor (check it out here), wedding and anniversary gifts ( here!) are just heart-melting. Just look at that bamboo clock wall!

Everything uniquely designed, creative, quirky and fun. Uncommon goods indeed. If you’re looking for that special gift for mother’s day, well you know where to go, M… (*cough, cough* ahem, ahem, just saying 😛 )

Overall I loved discovering their commitment to fair practices, sustainability and design. That they strive for sustainability through the use of up-cycled and recycled materials for the goods and environmentally friendlier packaging is commendable, won’t you agree?

Discovering my love for that quirky kaleidoscopic dress of my childhood, I guess you know now part of the reason why I love to thrift shop….

This little navy-black number I’m wearing today is also another thrifted gem. Matched with my staple of a red blazer and ankara (ntoma) accessories, I got a bit of that feeling back. That feeling of wearing my coat of many colours that my childhood dress always gave me.

And guess who decided to photobomb mommy while she shot her photos? Baby Milan, that’s who! He thought it would be cute to come display his hanging prowess, and I can’t say I disagree. 😉

Have a lovely weekend, my lovelies!









Do have yourself a wonderful weekend!

Let’s have a glorious love affair with life!



Dress -thrifted

Blazer – H&M

Accessories – Biggles Kreations

Shoes – Tesco

Bag – random shop Topolcany

(Post in collaboration with Uncommon Goods)




Just stumbled on this and wanted to share…

Funny thing is, Alex insists this is Milan! Ha. (It’s actually Alex when he was smaller but he can’t imagine he was ever this small.)

Hope you’re having a good Tuesday! I’m over here practicing deepening my voice, gearing up to launch our youtube channel! 😀



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I’ve got the blues.

No, seriously.

That fateful day when Alexander set off merrily to begin the exciting new chapter of his life, his first day at school, M warned us. Grimly he warned of inevitable new dangers just lurking inside the innocuous looking preschool gates. He warned us but I rolled my eyes in dismissal.

Now it has come to pass. His worst fears realized. We’ve been sick. All of us. Forget about escaping to the beach this weekend, it was all we could do to stretch out aching limbs for more tissues, huddled up in bed with sheets pulled to our chins!

Ok I exaggerate. But still. I never get sick. This has been quite a shock. Looks like I need to slow down a little… or speed up, actually. Get too busy to be sick!

Anyways, hope you’ve fared better! Get excited, because we present to you today, baby Milan’s first OOTD!!!! (Outfit Of The Day)





And now the milliondollar question, think carefully, before you answer… Does he look like them….


Or me…???!!!


The fate of the entire civilized world is depending on your answer, so choose carefully!!

Happy hump day! 🙂