It’s been a while since you’ve been gone

And I can’t help but ask myself,

How have I lived for so long,

Without the soft caress of your breath

On my chest.

How has life gone on, 

Without those hands sneaking up,

slipping around my waist

Your breath nuzzling my neck…


Days flow gently into noisy evenings,

Alexander chases Milan and I 

Round and round the dinner table,

Zig zagging into the living room

Till it is night,

And your absence is a deafening silence

That pierces the ears;

So heavy, all pervasive, it squeezes out the air from the room.

Till we are simply breathless

With anticipation.








Yes, you guessed it. A new series is here!!!! Sort of. I just miss the free writing which I used to do on my other blog and decided to incorporate more of that here. This is actually my second mood post! Will be linking to the 1st one when I finally have a computer. Impossible to do so using this device.

Hope you find this series as inspiring as the usual personal style posts!

Lots of love,


The Prayer of A Heart-broken One

prayer of heartbroken one

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The present is despondent,

The future is uncertain.

The world is in turmoil,

My heart is abroken.

The fatherless children call out to you, Lord.

Where are you, God?

Rendered a widow, the woman calls out in sorrow;

Where are you, God?

How much longer do we have to endure the devaluation of our lives?

Has evil not ruled for long enough?

Lord, we wait…

Red, The Break-up

Red - Short sketch

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His big black car purred to a halt at the bus stop and slid neatly into the space between two smaller cars.

In the front passenger seat, with dread in her heart, she turned to face him.

“So this is it.”, she begun, trying to sound brave.

“Yes”, he replied, tone light and seemingly devoid of emotion. Dark shades covered his eyes, and suddenly like a cobra in her heart flashing its hood, she had a strong dark urge to snatch and fling them off his face.

“So well then, goodbye…” she tried not to choke on the words, to be strong. This was the right thing to do. She needed to end things and move on. The thoughts raced through her head in quick succession. Thoughts of resolve, uncertainty, regret, a deep longing.

Laced through her thoughts of resolve, a tiny voice whispering, “Stop me, please stop me. Call me back,” but she said nothing, and in the driver’s seat, he watched her in silence.

She opened the car door and swung out first one leg, then the other, noticing as she did so, how lovely her red shoes looked on her feet. Blood-red and glossy, heels five inches. That she had to break up with him in these shoes, of all shoes…

She gathered her purse and shawl out and turned her back on him, her clenched hands clutching the purse like a lifeline, her elegant figure slight and shaky in the morning gloom.

“Sally,” his tone was urgent.

She turned to face him.

“I will always love you, you know…”

That was the light straw. She took a deep breath, released her right grip on her purse, swung her arm back, wham! With all her might, a slap on his cheek.

“No you won’t, you cheat, and thanks for the reminder.”

He sat there, too stunned to speak, shocked to see her stand up to him for the first time, the slap stinging on his left cheek.

She smiled at him. “It’s over, really over this time. Don’t bother calling again.”

She couldn’t believe what was happening. It was as if his last lie had finally opened her eyes and freed her. She deserved better, and she knew it. This was not true love, and she had had enough of settling.

She wanted more, and now she was free to get it.

As she cat-walked away with a new confidence, the sun came out, chasing the gloom of the morning away.

And catching the rays of the sunlight, the red shoes sparkled and glistened.