It’s been a while since you’ve been gone

And I can’t help but ask myself,

How have I lived for so long,

Without the soft caress of your breath

On my chest.

How has life gone on, 

Without those hands sneaking up,

slipping around my waist

Your breath nuzzling my neck…


Days flow gently into noisy evenings,

Alexander chases Milan and I 

Round and round the dinner table,

Zig zagging into the living room

Till it is night,

And your absence is a deafening silence

That pierces the ears;

So heavy, all pervasive, it squeezes out the air from the room.

Till we are simply breathless

With anticipation.








Yes, you guessed it. A new series is here!!!! Sort of. I just miss the free writing which I used to do on my other blog and decided to incorporate more of that here. This is actually my second mood post! Will be linking to the 1st one when I finally have a computer. Impossible to do so using this device.

Hope you find this series as inspiring as the usual personal style posts!

Lots of love,


The Prayer of A Heart-broken One

prayer of heartbroken one

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The present is despondent,

The future is uncertain.

The world is in turmoil,

My heart is abroken.

The fatherless children call out to you, Lord.

Where are you, God?

Rendered a widow, the woman calls out in sorrow;

Where are you, God?

How much longer do we have to endure the devaluation of our lives?

Has evil not ruled for long enough?

Lord, we wait…

Sunset At The Beach

marred beauty

It’s Saturday morning and I slept till eight am! :O The luxury and the decadence of it…hehe. Started the year waking up at 5am, then came preggo hormones to knock this great habit into the ballback with insomnia :(. M took the little one out, so I could get some needed extra rest. Fortunately my partner has been very supportive this way. Nice!

Was going through my old blog, and came across this…Sad to note things haven’t changed a whole lot since then, some of Ghana’s beautiful beaches are still as corrupted as ever, but public sentiment is improving and more efforts being taken to rectify this depressing shame.

Thankfully there are still a lot of beautiful beaches unmarred by the trash, like the beaches along the coasts of Axim and Cape Coast, but you’d have to drive a bit further from Accra to get there. Totally worth it though.

Anyway thought I’d repost that write-up over here as well.

Sunset At The Beach

The sky is a kaleidoscope of changing colors.

A hue is cast over all creation, everything is bathed in beauty. 

I marvel at the splendor and beauty of it, and say a prayer of thanks. 

You reach out your hand and I take it.

The rolling waves are gentle and lovingly caress our feet.

The fresh breeze invigorates and send the coconut trees into dances of delight. 

The litter that encroaches is like a jarring note in a symphony.

 My face burns in shame.