Red, The Break-up

Red - Short sketch

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His big black car purred to a halt at the bus stop and slid neatly into the space between two smaller cars.

In the front passenger seat, with dread in her heart, she turned to face him.

“So this is it.”, she begun, trying to sound brave.

“Yes”, he replied, tone light and seemingly devoid of emotion. Dark shades covered his eyes, and suddenly like a cobra in her heart flashing its hood, she had a strong dark urge to snatch and fling them off his face.

“So well then, goodbye…” she tried not to choke on the words, to be strong. This was the right thing to do. She needed to end things and move on. The thoughts raced through her head in quick succession. Thoughts of resolve, uncertainty, regret, a deep longing.

Laced through her thoughts of resolve, a tiny voice whispering, “Stop me, please stop me. Call me back,” but she said nothing, and in the driver’s seat, he watched her in silence.

She opened the car door and swung out first one leg, then the other, noticing as she did so, how lovely her red shoes looked on her feet. Blood-red and glossy, heels five inches. That she had to break up with him in these shoes, of all shoes…

She gathered her purse and shawl out and turned her back on him, her clenched hands clutching the purse like a lifeline, her elegant figure slight and shaky in the morning gloom.

“Sally,” his tone was urgent.

She turned to face him.

“I will always love you, you know…”

That was the light straw. She took a deep breath, released her right grip on her purse, swung her arm back, wham! With all her might, a slap on his cheek.

“No you won’t, you cheat, and thanks for the reminder.”

He sat there, too stunned to speak, shocked to see her stand up to him for the first time, the slap stinging on his left cheek.

She smiled at him. “It’s over, really over this time. Don’t bother calling again.”

She couldn’t believe what was happening. It was as if his last lie had finally opened her eyes and freed her. She deserved better, and she knew it. This was not true love, and she had had enough of settling.

She wanted more, and now she was free to get it.

As she cat-walked away with a new confidence, the sun came out, chasing the gloom of the morning away.

And catching the rays of the sunlight, the red shoes sparkled and glistened.

Dear Diary…

broken open

Dear diary…

You and I have come a long way since age twelve.

Remember when I used to keep you under lock and key, a treasure to be jealously guarded?

Remember how strong I appeared to everyone else, but went to pieces whenever we touched souls?

Well today I have decided to take the plunge into vulnerability and share my innermost self with the world.

Today I’ve decided to be broken open. Broken open, that I might be rebuilt.

I’m being broken, that I might be made strong.

I am admitting, yes I am human.

Yes, I make mistakes.

Yes, I have insecurities.

Yes, I am weak, but I am also strong.

Today, I broke the lock and threw the key into the abyss.

Today, you are open.

Food for thought: How well do people know the real you? 

A Walk Through A Small Town In Slovakia


I love buildings with character. Contemporary and modern houses with interesting mix of materials, quaint and charming cottages that beckon one in with promises of delightful times, traditional and transitional houses that also charm and delight with their mix of old and new elements giving then a unique character.

Wherever I am, one of my favourite things to do, is to go for a walk in the house suburbs. I know, I know, I’m a freak when it comes to architecture and design. I just love to spend hours gazing at thoughtfully designed houses and gardens and figuring out what makes them special. I could lose myself just house-gazing all day!

Besides, a lot can be deciphered about the people who live inside the houses just by observing the exteriors of the houses.


In Ghana, the need for security spells sky-high fences and gates which make it quite difficult to fully appreciate the architecture and horticulture in the affluent housing suburbs, but things were pleasantly different in the Slovak housing suburbs. Low picket fences and gates, hallelujah! It is a house-gazer’s dream. 😀

Without further ado, I present some gardens that got me ooohing and aaahhing. Ddddrrrumroll, please!


Lovely old couple on a bench, chatting the day away and watching over the garden!


Great use of space and attention to detail. Love the flowers in the windows; imagine waking up to the pleasant smell of them every single morning!


Romantic. Even has a cute little marble turtle, windmill and roses in different colours!


Roses, roses everywhere! In so many colour varieties! Great garden! If I ring that doorbell, would The Beast appear and demand a daughter in exchange for a rose?? Hehe


Meticulously manicured and well-tended to. My mind just buzzes with the possible owner profiles!

the white house

I call this The White House. Contemporary, stark, imposing and great lush garden!

the white house2

With a white picket fence, yay!

the white house 3

Tall lush hedges too.


Beauty and privacy. Yum.


On of my favourites. So many little details that make it so charming and beautiful!



Just looooove this one! The tiny pond even had exotic colourful fish swimming away right underneath the surface of the water. Check out the tiny waterfall and gnomes on either side! I imagine the fairies and water sprites must come here to cavort every night!

Do you love garden and house-gazing as well? Where are some of your favourites? And which one of these gardens did you love the most?? Share your views in the comments section!

Alexander Turning Two (aka I Am The Mistress of My Emotions)


This week, my little one turned two. That morning, as if heralding in his new year, he refused to let me shower him. Hands off, Mama, I can do it myself. He looked so short and tiny and adorable splashing water on his face and vigorously rubbing soap on his chest. Hmmm… where did the years go… ok now I feel like bawling my eyes out. Focus, Mama!

“Outsida?? Outsida?? Outsida!!”

It was sunny and hot the whole day, after raining the previous day. Now it was early evening and he insisted on going out of the yard into the neighborhood for a walk. “Mama, outsida!!”

Ok, ok; his shrill shouts were making my ears ring.

He eagerly went for his old pram to push while I gathered my purse and things. I had the gate open for him in the meantime. That. was. a. HUGE. mistake.

When I waddled out, I came to meet this…





“Come out, right now!”

Zoom! He ran past me with the pram. I made a wild swipe for him. Missed. Zoom! past me again, races straight into the puddle again. The muddy water splish-splashes around and land on his shorts. His bottom half glimmers like he’s some sort of mud merman.


I am the mistress of my emotions. I am the mistress of my emotions. I’m not going to get angry with him today. It’s his birthday. And this is proactivity month. You can choose your response, no matter how aggravating the situation. I am the mistress of my emotions. Breathe…ok good, another deep breath… breathe… There, that’s it. Let him enjoy it, you used to do it too. Besides, he’s already wet, it’s too late… Breeeeaaathe….


He rans and splashes and races to his fill, grinning at passers-by and neighbors peering out at him from behind their fences.


Later, I declare enough and we head for inside.

“Come Alexko, shower.”


“Come on, choco”

“No!!” and bolts past me into the master bedroom, heading straight for the bed.


I make a wild dash for him, the sparks flying out of my eyes. Mistress of my emotions I am not.

But I’m getting there…I’m getting there.

A Mother’s Song

Sasha and Mama 2014
First there was pain,
Howling pain.
It burst in waves all over my aching body,
Gripped in the throes of a hurricane of pain,
It felt like there was no end to it.
But I was wrong.
The end came, and then…
then there was you.
With you, life is all shades of crazy.
There are days when everything seems to be still;
And day after day drag on a long boring haze.
Then there are days when everything that can go wrong does
And gets multiplied tenfold
And your shouts and cries get the walls dancing and roof flying up.
There are also moments when everything is perfect
And we find contentment in each other’s gaze
And every gesture is a prayer of gratitude and love.
When suddenly every minute detail in life is beautiful.
Every imperfection is perfect in its beauty.
 And it’s all because you are here.
This is life with you, and I wouldn’t change a thing!

As first seen on my old blog Thanks for reading!