It’s a beautiful day today. Not too hot, not too cold. The skies are beautifully blue, with hints of dark clouds here and there. Pure with a dark edge (kinda allegorical of human nature, hmm?). The kind of day I like the best. It would have been perfect if not for the drone of all these generators disturbing the natural peace and calm. Yes, it’s Dumsor season. Permanently so, actually. The electricity said hasta la vista to us ages ago and hardly popped by for a visit these last few weeks.

Ghana Ghana… but let’s not dwell on the negative on a day like this. There are so many broader events, experiences, etc that shape what happens to us on a smaller personal level. It’s as if we see life as through a veil indeed. What do we know for certain? The more we know, the more we don’t know… These events might influence who we are, but in the end it’s all down to us how we choose to perceive them, who we choose to become and what we choose to put out into the world. Let’s choose positivity. Let’s choose to put out kindness. Let’s choose the light.

I find photography deeply fascinating. They say that a photograph is worth a thousand words. Rightly so. A good photo has the power to grip you and transport you into another world entirely, a good photo can uplift you, fill you with a joy you cannot explain, and a hunger, inspiration to take charge of your own world, and to weave the strands together as magically as you glimpse in that photo. Photos inspire.

Little wonder then, that photography has grown to be one of my biggest passions…One of my new year resolutions this year actually, to be a “professional amateur” photographer. I know, lofty goals, right? But hey, they say to shoot for the sky, so yeah! And yeah, I’ve been working on it!!! There’s something about a good photograph that fills me a deep unexplainable happiness, and yet an angst; I am infused with so much inspiration. It’s my hope to share that with you everyday you are here. I feel so happy and blessed to be able to share bits and pieces of my life with you here, so happy when it resonates with you, and thrilled that I get to learn from you too. Thank you. And thank you Internet. 🙂

You cannot imagine how excited I am to bring this post to you today. It was getting to the end of the day, we were home tired after a long day away, but the light was just right, so what to do! I truly love how the spontaneous shadowy silhouettes turned out. I’m curious, which one is your favourite? Also, can you guess what I had on?? (Btw, remember that first silhouette shoot I did? Guess you can call this a series now. 🙂 ) We gather and wrap our clothes around us as armor, our protection and strength against whatever the day might decide to throw at us. I never felt as powerful as I did in this ensemble yesterday…Truly cannot wait to show you the actual shoot we did for this outfit yesterday, so stay tuuuuuned. 🙂









Guess who was in town this week?? My mother!!! Of all the amazing surprises!

Unfortunately, she couldn’t stay for long but we had a wonderful time for the short while that she was here. Sweet and also hilarious(!) memories to sustain us till the next time we see her.

Aaaand guess what? May the haute couture pursuit begin, because I just got fully equipped with sewing and knitting supplies! In the spirit of rediscovering lost passions and repressed creativity, these past couple of weeks have found me reading a TON of novels, tentatively trying my hand at new dishes, and now let’s toss handcrafting into the mix! (That kinda explains my absence from the blog this week… been detoxing a leeettle from the internet)

Omigosh, I’m so freaking excited! I’m thinking a crochet bikini, a simple skirt, some cute outfits for the boys, etc. Omigosh! This is the start of a revolution. We’re going to be wearing handmade eeeverythang! And eat homegrown veggies! And live out of a self-built house! Ok let’s not get ahead of ourselves yet…

Without further ado, I present… the supplies!





Isn’t that rose patterned fabric the prettiest ever? 

Back when we were kids, my sisters and I were seized by a crocheting craze and we made crochet everything! From crochet backpacks to skirts to handbags to underwear. Cannot wait to reexplore all that. So many options, yassss!

Also, new in – Iman face powder and Black secret red lipstick! My second lipstick purchase this year. So far I’m loving these new additions to my makeup kit, especially the lippie. Looks like my lipstick collection has started. Double yasss!

Also, I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the Iman face powder was paraben-free. Triple yasss for reduced carcinogens!






My favorites for this month!

Happy weekend y’all!

Lots of loooove and light!



Finding Inspiration; Chasing Beauty

06 Malé Bedzany - nádrž-001

What inspires me?


I’m inspired by beauty in all its forms.

I’m inspired by human beauty, by beautiful souls, strong faces, my son.

The Nsoromma Project

I’m inspired by the beauty that surrounds us in nature, often so mysterious and awe-inspiring and yet so familiar and mundane on the surface.



It was terrifying and inspiring in equal measure the first time I was airborne. To see the clouds deceptively substantial-looking, fluffy beneath us; and to glimpse human settlements all tiny and far off, an incomparable feeling.

Window Seat #TNP

The beauty of a stranger that lends a sympathetic ear and a helping hand…

The beauty of true friendship and steadfast love….

The beauty of creativity that we humans can express, that excites and rejuvenates, and makes eternal life so wonderful and alluring.

The beauty of words and a story well-told…

The beauty of mystery.

The beauty in acts of bravery and daring, of chasing dreams and a life well-lived.

And then, the absolute beauty of being a person of inspiration…

Beauty takes us outside ourselves and throws us headfirst into a pool of inspiration, so easy to drown in it if we let it. There is so much beauty in so many forms in the world, and I so long to create more and more of my own.

I hope this online space will be a place of beauty and inspiration for you. I do hope so.