Ho ho ho!!

Merry Christmas!!!

Over a week’s worth of photos and looking the same in all of them. Layers upon layers of clothes and a super huge coat to top it all off. Welcome to the beginning of a Slavic Winter!! A warm one this year, so they complain.

THIS. is a warm one??

Aaaargghhhhh, get me out of here!!!!!

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Mountain Dreaming


I have no words of inspiration for anyone today. I am in a funk.

It’s  either been really too horribly, amazingly scorching hot lately, or my threshold for heat tolerance has drastically reduced. I suspect the latter. My mind has been put in a foggy static fuzz from all the heat and insomnia…yeah the insomnia…don’t get me started on the insomnia…

You’ve probably noticed the blog switching design every so often. I’ve been incessantly searching for a template to match my blog vision, and I’ve changed my design for about a zillion times already! It’s been a lot of fun experimenting with this (most of the time) but also quite exhausting! A fun way to spend sleepless nights…

Missing someone you love is a beautifully dreadful thing. The house sits quiet and empty no matter how many occupants fill it, and every room echoes with the ghosts of your laughter, your deep throaty tones talking, arguing, scolding, loving. Your smell lingers, wafting through my scattered dreams with promises of your presence. Perhaps you have never left. Nothing and yet everything has changed.

All I can think about is how lovely it would be to be back in our little mountain cottage, snuggled up in our love cocoon, refreshed by cool pristine air and waters. And then me having to put on all I own when we go out, ’cause it’s that cold for me…


The little one riding his bike everywhere…



Fast-flowing cold creeks…




I breathe in the peace and quiet and try to capture the magnificent beauty of the sweeping hills and forest…


And then, barbecue night under the stars, like you enjoy so much. Roasting sausages on warm bright cackling flames,  keeping a constant firm on the little one away from the beckoning embers.



There is so much beauty in the world, isn’t there?

…Soon you will be here, and it will be like you never left…

Hope you guys had a good week; happy Friday everyone!

What do you do on nights you can’t sleep? Wax nostalgic too? 🙂 Have a great weekend!