Make A Wish!

Blog mission and vision statements

If you could have anything you wanted, anything at all, what would you wish for?

Make that wish.

Did you make it yet?

Anything at all you want… no limits…

Time’s up! What did you wish for? I’d love to know!

Star light, star bright,

First star I see tonight,

I wish I may, I wish I might,

Have the wish I wish tonight!

This rhyme used to be one of my favourites when I was growing up, and man, I made a lotta wishes

Today I want to talk about this blog’s mission and vision. Most of last week was spent in deep contemplation of this issue ( the lingering smell in the kitchen of burnt rice and chicken give a strong testimony to that, oops). Then I spent the weekend thinking some more…and some more…and some more…

Finally, I decided to stop over-thinking it and just put these ideas out here, so here goes!

Blog Mission Statement

What is a blog mission statement in the first place?

It is a statement of the purpose of a blog.

It clarifies who the blog is meant for, what it’s meant for, what you hope to achieve with blogging. Mission statements evolve as life changes and might need constant re-examination and updating. (Incidentally, did you ever write yourself a personal mission statement?? DO! It’s worth the invested time, trust me.)

As you can imagine, writing a blog mission statement is a great way to equip you with clarity, a sense of purpose and help to keep your integrity, especially as your blog grows and more opportunities open up to you.

The ‘Nsoromma’ Project… I started this blog because I kinda ‘rediscovered’ myself and I wanted to use blogging as a tool to chart my journey towards a worry-free life of adventure and meaning, to discover similar-minded people and to provide inspiration for other worrywarts like me to stop worrying and start living.

My personal mission statement and life purpose is consequently intimately linked with my blog mission; my blog is part of the expression of my life purpose, as I aim to grow and to contribute. 

My blog mission statement…

TNP aims to inspire in you an attitude which encourages you to see more meaning, adventure and beauty in your life journey. The project provides inspirational resources in the form of provocative personal life notes and stories to get you reflecting and thankful as I chronicle my life; and tips and online resources (and occasional tutorials and recipes) to add more spice, beauty and creativity to your life.

TNP is about living and celebrating the beauty and adventure of everyday life.

My blog vision statement…

So where do I see the blog going?

Ultimately, I want this blog to be a thriving hub of inspiration, creativity and beauty; and the place to go to for resources (in the form of free articles, books, ecourses, etc) to be uplifted, inspired and entertained. With your help we will build a community of passionate mindful people who say yes to the beauty of life and to adventure!

When we start to see the beauty and adventure in simple everyday living, magic happens!

So what do you think of the blog’s mission and vision statements? I hope it inspires you to write out your own personal mission statement of what you wish to accomplish with your life, if you haven’t already! 

Thanks for joining us on this journey. I’m very glad you are here!




Habits To Build And Habits To Drop

habits to build, habits to drop

What are some of your best habits?? Did you build any good ones or drop some toxic habits this year??

For me, I believe some of my best habits this year were waking up at 5am in the morning and sleeping at 10pm in the evening (this was mainly during my pre-prego period!), regular reading (parenting and personal development books mainly) and smothering my family regularly in kisses! (Read about six habits that can change your life here!)

As the year and my preggo period comes to an end, I’ve found myself itching to go back to the dancing, active girl I used to be and I’m so looking forward to reinstalling some old habits.

  • Early to bed and early to rise.

As I get to know myself better, I’ve confirmed that I really am at my most creative or productive early in the mornings (more like at dawn) and late at nights. Instead of fighting it, I’ve decided to embrace that natural rhythm to optimize my creativity and productivity.

I’m so aiming to go back to my 5am to 10pm days! I hope that at least by the end of March next year I can start working on that. By that time baby would be settled in a regular waking and sleeping pattern and hopefully sleeping throughout the night!

Hopefully i can even move on to waking up at 4am later (that would be even better for me!)

What time do you personally function best?

  • Exercise! Exercise! Exercise!

For me, exercise mostly means stretching and a lot of dancing. Can. not. wait! Even better, I think I can start working on this one even sooner than next year, yay!!!! These days when I try to dance, my little one looks weirdly at me, and then “no! Mama, no!” waving those little hands in passionate vigor. He does this protest every. single. time. I dance exercise!

What does that mean? Dancing is forbidden in our household, or specifically for big fat Mama??!

  • Structure, structure, structure!

I’m aiming to provide a structured but fun environment for my family where activities routinely happen. I read that it is very important for kids (and indeed I can see that with my son now. He likes things done a certain way and nothing else. And he goes berserk when M wears my flip-flops! Some things are for mommy only, daddy!)

Do you have kids? Do you structure their days, and how is that working out for you?? I’d really love to know from the parents.

  • Explore and develop my culinary skills

One new recipe a week! Hopefully I’ll have the energy and the time! Or better yet, I’ll make it. Hehe.

Any great Gh/international cuisine website recommendations?? A blend of local and international would be great for my mixed family.

  • Off you go facebook, hello reading time!

I spend waaaayyy too much time on social media these days and waaaayyyy too little time on personal reading. Enough said.

How do you make time to read y’all? And how many books do you read per month?

Oh geez, time for a roundup, my little one is up! Soooo… basically, I started this year really well and I’d like to get back to that place by the end of next year, with all things being equal.

And note to self: no more babies for at least five years!!!

Thanks for reading! Now tell us about some great habits of yours you plan to stick with or those you’d like to break!

Dear Diary…

broken open

Dear diary…

You and I have come a long way since age twelve.

Remember when I used to keep you under lock and key, a treasure to be jealously guarded?

Remember how strong I appeared to everyone else, but went to pieces whenever we touched souls?

Well today I have decided to take the plunge into vulnerability and share my innermost self with the world.

Today I’ve decided to be broken open. Broken open, that I might be rebuilt.

I’m being broken, that I might be made strong.

I am admitting, yes I am human.

Yes, I make mistakes.

Yes, I have insecurities.

Yes, I am weak, but I am also strong.

Today, I broke the lock and threw the key into the abyss.

Today, you are open.

Food for thought: How well do people know the real you?