Ahoj everyone!!! Hope y’all having a great week so far!

As promised, I present to you today, our Sunday shoot!!! (Dramatic drum-roll, please.) So, guess where we spent the day?? Right on one, at the beach. Where else, right? Hehe. Hmph. To be honest, I really have no words to describe our day… It wasn’t perfect, you know? The traffic getting there was horrible as usual, we had to send our lunch back because the fish was under-cooked, etc, etc… but still, the imperfections of it all, they kinda fade away in the wake of the majesty of the sea, the soothing rhythm of the waves, the whole ambiance of it all… just magic. Perfect in its imperfections.

It can sound cliche, but it’s absolutely true. If you have a mind attuned to it, one can find magic everywhere, anywhere; in the most simplest of places, in the seemingly most trivial of things. Because life exudes magic. Every time baby Milan breaks into a smile, my breath catches in my throat, and my whole world stops. Everything is perfect, and I just want to freeze the moment in the treasure trove of my heart and cherish it forever… that boy is pure magic. And you know what? So are you. You are here, against all the odds (and competing sperm cells), you made it, and by God, you are here. A unique combination of DNA sequences that has never been or will ever be in the Universe. Just belongs to you. Unique talents, and you are chock full of potential, dripping with your own unique magic to cast. Are you casting your spells? 🙂

On Sunday, we found magic, and I hope that I’m able to share that with you today.











Hope you enjoyed the post today! M and I tried something new. New angles, and channeling the sway of the waves and coconut trees, the spirit of things. I love this dress that I mistook for a Dashiki at first sight. I believe they call it Angelina. You all know there’s nothing like a loose flowing maxi for comfort and expressing your femininity. This one clings at the top but loosens up into a flowy billowing wonder in the wind. Perfect for the beach! And for a pirate look, when paired with the hat, according to M. Ha!

Talk soon.



Your fellow spell caster and lady pirate!



Sunday, we couldn’t make it to the beach, but Monday, it was on!!! Only thing is, I had a major crisis : I absolutely nothing to wear! Sound familiar, anyone? Thank goodness for Dashiki though, it saved me from some certain people who would have honked and cried out with their shrill little voices “Mama, hurry up!!”. Thank you, Dashiki!

Behold. Presenting, my latest blog name idea…

Le Chic Domestic Goddess

Chic || 1. The quality or state of being stylish; fashionableness.
              2. Sophistication in dress and manner; elegance.
(According to The Free Dictionary)
Domestic Goddess

-a woman with exceptional domestic skills, especially one who excels at cookery and preparing meals.
(According to Google)

Not that I’d say I was that per se, but I would say I’m working towards that! What say you? I wanted a name that was fun and yet captured the essence of the blog as a personal style blog of a mama! So there we have it – Le Chic Domestic Goddess! (Let’s see how long we stick to this.)

Blog Goals

As I mention in my about page, it would be absolutely wonderful to  wear something else besides pajamas all day, everyday (I’m not even kidding! I’m totally prone to that when I’m home all day); spruce up deliciously tasty meals in the kitchen (“eatable” is just not going to cut it anymore!); learn to sew haute couture worthy gowns that drape elegantly over newly re-toned restored post-mommy body (learning how to sew basically will suffice too!); and grow incredibly loooong afro hair that floats just below my waist line! So may the journey begin.

This. Is the beginning of the rest of my life!

(Dramatic, overmuch?)



A little bit of layering going on with the bracelets…



 You’d think after all the trouble I went to just to get this new hair done (it took the whole afternoon, darn it), I’d wear it out, but oh no! It’s caught up in a bun on top of my head almost all the time! Anyway, I do miss my own short hair…

Anyways, hope y’all having a great week so far!





It’s Friday already, can you believe that??! And they tell me it’s already July too! Lost track of time for a while there. If I had a dollar for every time I do that, bet you I’d have bought my dream house(with glass walls) in the mountains already! Like we were on the beach on 1st July, and I spent the entire day lost in the illusion that it was Sunday! Don’t blame me – too much – because aren’t Sundays the official beach days?? Well, in my part of the world they are. Because they are days to commune with creation and His Awesomeness, right?

Anyway, today I am absolutely delighted to present to you the full reveal from the sneak peek last time, and I present to youuu the Dashiki! (Linet, you must be grinning to yourself because you guessed right. Hmph! )

The Dashiki – vibrant, colourful, dramatic. A beautiful piece from African fashion.

I fell head over heels for this babe at first sight, and it’s been a beautiful love story ever since. I usually like to wear it as a standalone piece with minimal accessories, but chose to pair it with black distressed denim (of which I seem to have an endless number).

Check out the wings on the dress already! Batman, anybody?



Also, can we talk about those pointy wedgey strappy shoes?? I’m. In. Love.


Something about this dress always brings out the bohemian goofy side of me, oops.



Fotor_143588073009696 And what’s with all that intensity here? Smh. 😛

And the end.

Make sure to check out the previous magical sneak peek shots with M (from the previous post) if you didn’t already!

Thanks for reading, lots of love and positivity to you. Happy new month!