You know you’ve got a winner outfit when your little son looks you up and down, mouth agape, and declares it very nice!

I was delighted to rediscover this blue black and white polka dot dress today. It’s from my pre-pregnancy days, and I haven’t worn it in ages. Just look at it! It just exudes this 50’s retro vibe, doesn’t it! I don’t know about you, but I find that era so fascinating and inspiring.

Add to that a statement necklace, a sun hat, hints of gold in the accessories, a red lippie, and it’s so retro glam. Me love that.

Shall we just take a quick sec to talk about the hair? Ok maybe let’s not. All I’m going to say is, next time I’m in Europe, it’s protective styling all the way, because the poor afro sure took a beating!

I’m officially starting a lipstick and accessories collection! You’ll laugh at my current resources in that department, seriously. So pitiful. A tear. Do point your gal in the right direction if you know where I can get some nice lippies in the area (Accra).

Please note, I tried to channel my inner diva for this shoot. #itried

Hope you had a great day, y’all. Thank you so much for reading!



















Dress – vintage

Sandals – H&M

Bag – Tesco



Good morning guys! Omigosh I miss this space so much.

Hope you’ve all been good. I’m so sorry about going AWOL so long, I seriously underestimated the cons of editing and posting via tab. Yep, my rusty old computer gave up the ghost! (And now I realized how much I love you, you rusty old thaang, please come back!!! Ha.)

Truth is, although I have been taking tons of photos, I am not posting any because I feel they don’t meet my vision. (But please don’t ask me what I’m looking for. I just know I’ll know it when I see it, hehe)

I must say we are enjoying our new place so far. It’s great to have 24/7 electricity for once, and a pool practically in the backyard (although that comes with its own complications. One can’t be too careful with kids). The views are also pretty incredible, especially from the penthouse.

Strangely though, I’ve been hit with a serious case of wanderlust. I mean, yes I’ve always had it, I know, but the urge is particularly strong this time! I just want to pack us and go into the world with no planned destination and get lost or maybe “found” in all the beauty of cultures and nature. You know what I mean? I want to see more, and I want to show it all to my little ones. More than anything, I want them to grow as explorers, open-minded, living life by their own rules. The set formula (especially over here in Ghana) – birth, get an education, get a high paying job, get married, grow old and wait for retirement to enjoy your life – does not have to be your life if you don’t like it. There is so much more. So so much more. So many other ways to live…

Anyways, about the outfit, I’m wearing one of my favorite summer dresses! I combined it with red shoes to emphasize the red roses pattern in the dress, a yellow belt to color block, and gold accessories. What do you think?

I wish you a beautiful May. Stay blessed.







We live in exciting times. We live in a time of profound change and amazing conscious growth. We live in a time where information is freely available at the click of a finger, and where we can pursue our interests to dizzying heights; where we set the rules, and where all these changes are not only acceptable, but encouraged.

We have no excuses anymore. This is our time. This is the perfect time to chase our dreams!

This year as the magic of the fireworks hit the sky, I drew my family close, closed my eyes, and made a vow of love. To love them fiercely, to love them gently, to love them with all the might of my fragile heart. To be the best person I possibly could for them. For the love of these beautiful little ones with their heart-shaped faces of innocence.

I decided to take the plunge, do what I’ve been long dreaming about, and start this blog. I had long been hesitant because well, for starters, how dare I do this without a degree in blogging or at least a course in blogging 101, right! But somehow, I am blithely traipsing and easing my way through.

Do what you love. Share your passions. Start that project you’ve been dreaming about. It can be scary, but reach out and grasp that dream! You will find that not only will your outstretched hands come back full of sunlight, but you will also find yourself basking in the amazing light emanating from others just like you. So do what you love. Spread the energy, spread the love, spread the light!

For today’s look, I experimented with mixing edgy details like these silver and black earrings, belt and metallic green shoes with my ruffled two-toned girly dress. Hope you like the results!