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What exactly is love?

History inspires us with a lot of heroic acts have been done in the name of love, and on the flip side also wrings our heart with terrible tales also done in the name of love. I’m intrigued, what does love mean to you?

A firm decision to gaze with kindness at the reflection that gazes back at you through the mirror; the courage to let go and to gracefully face and merge with the dark recesses of your Self, that you might come out whole and complete in yourself?

A meeting of two pairs of eyes across a sea of eyes, a delicious bolt of electricity tingling down your spine, and instinctively knowing that yes, THIS is the one?

A union of hearts and a merging of lives, of intertwined destinies, a steady plod of little actions everyday for a lifetime?

To surround ourselves with kindred minds and spirits who help to fill and even out the foundations of a life well lived…

To me love means all these and more…

I wish you a beautiful love season, and I hope you had a beautiful Val weekend. Remember to show love to yourself, to care for and cultivate your mind, heart, soul and body; and to show love to others, especially by being of value to them.

We were blessed to catch the sunrise at Sakumono beach on Sunday morning. Dawn or dusk at the beach is a glorious affair of undulating color-kissed waves and sky. It’s a perfect time for regaining rhythm and perspective. At the mouth of the deep huge scavenger of an ocean one can’t help but feel quite puny. Dimunitive but in the best possible way, and a tremendous sense of connection with our Creator, with our ancestors who have come and gone, and with our future progeny, who will one day gaze upon these very same waters. So wonderful, isn’t it!

I love coming back to the ocean at the end of each week. It calms down my restless wander-lusting spirit like nothing else can.

M and I captured some shots, and I’m so thrilled to share some with you today. For that morning I was all about bohemian vibes with the lace top and dangling multicolored bead necklace and earrings, with an extra element of cool with thoes mirrored sunnies, ha. I also had the cutest ankara espadrilles which I love so much!!! Unfortunately didn’t capture those on camera because of course I went barefoot as soon as I got there…

Hope you enjoy these postcards, and hope you get inspired to go out and enjoy your own beautiful times at the beach!

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Thank you so much for reading!

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See you on the next post!

xo, Cara.

Top – gifted

Bottom – sorry, had it a loooong time, can’t remember where I got it now ūüėź

Sunnies – Accra Central



Sunday, we couldn’t make it to the beach, but Monday, it was on!!! Only thing is, I had a major crisis : I absolutely nothing to wear! Sound familiar, anyone? Thank goodness for Dashiki though, it saved me from some certain people who would have honked and cried out with their shrill little voices “Mama, hurry up!!”. Thank you, Dashiki!

Behold. Presenting, my latest blog name idea…

Le Chic Domestic Goddess

Chic || 1. The quality or state of being stylish; fashionableness.
              2. Sophistication in dress and manner; elegance.
(According to The Free Dictionary)
Domestic Goddess

-a woman with exceptional domestic skills, especially one who excels at cookery and preparing meals.
(According to Google)

Not that I’d say I was that per se, but I would say I’m working towards that! What say you? I wanted a name that was fun and yet captured the essence of the blog as a personal style blog of a mama! So there we have it – Le Chic Domestic Goddess! (Let’s see how long we stick to this.)

Blog Goals

As I mention in my about page, it would be absolutely wonderful to¬†¬†wear something else besides pajamas all day, everyday (I‚Äôm not even kidding! I’m totally prone to that when I’m home all day); spruce up deliciously tasty meals in the kitchen (‚Äúeatable‚ÄĚ is just not going to cut it anymore!); learn to sew haute couture worthy gowns that drape elegantly over newly re-toned restored post-mommy body (learning how to sew¬†basically¬†will suffice too!); and grow incredibly loooong afro hair that floats just below my waist line! So may the journey begin.

This. Is the beginning of the rest of my life!

(Dramatic, overmuch?)



A little bit of layering going on with the bracelets…



¬†You’d think after all the trouble I went to just to get this new hair done (it took the whole afternoon, darn it), I’d wear it out, but oh no! It’s caught up in a bun on top of my head almost all the time! Anyway, I do miss my own short hair…

Anyways, hope y’all having a great week so far!





Whooo! Now that I¬†finally¬†have a computer, I can take stock. That just basically means evaluating my life as it stands right now. It’s always good to periodically take a breather and evaluate your life, to see what’s going right, what needs some adjusting, etc, and respond accordingly. I sincerely hope this post inspires your journey as well!

Making: Actually¬†Creating¬†some new pinterest¬†boards for a new blog series I’m considering starting here. It would be called #365Grateful. ¬†

Cooking:¬†YES! And moving beyond eatable basics too. I actually think that I make a mean fried rice now. Hopefully, M and the kids agree and wouldn’t be shaking their heads in total disbelief reading this!

Drinking:¬†So. much. juice. M calls me the “Juice Monster”. Well, at least it’s healthy. Wouldn’t it be absolutely wonderful to be drinking so much water instead? I wonder how you guys do on that front…

Reading:¬†Barbara J. Winter’s Making A Living Without A Job. It comes highly recommended, so I got it on Friday from the EPP bookshop at the Legon Mall. Hoping it’s such a gem of a book like they say!

Wanting:¬†Ben and Jerry’s Strawberry Cheesecake ice-cream!!!! And more of M’s Auntie’s¬†simply delicious¬†strawberry jam. Finished the whole jar already… :'(

Sewing: YES!¬†Sort of. Repairing a few things, here and there… BUT. Baby steps y’all, baby steps.

Wishing: that I had the time Рand courage Рto start my youtube channel already! I donno, but just thinking about all the technical editing aspect scares me bonkers. Ugh.

Enjoying: a nice cold glass of water right now actually. So refreshing.

Feeling:¬†so inspired by all the amazing blogs and instagram accounts I’ve been recently discovering! To do what you love, to connect with fellow enthusiasts and to inspire others on their individual journeys; it’s such a blessing and it makes my heart glad to discover such people.

Wondering:¬†if A Post A Day challenge would be prudent for me at this stage…but I’m really itching to try!

Loving:¬†how chubby baby Milan is, and damn, his eyes… He’s just so gorgeous! (I know,¬†I’m such a mom.)

Hoping: for some great shots at the beach tomorrow!

Marveling:¬†at how much I’ve learnt about fashion and style since I started the journey this year. And not just that, but it sort of extends into other areas of my life as well. I’m developing quite the eye for details I never noticed nor cared about before. Trust me, it’s been a huge improvement.

Needing: white jeans, a pencil skirt, and more African-inspired clothes in my closet already!

Noticing: that I need to step up my photography game already, as per my resolutions for this year.

Knowing: that everything will be alright. Everything IS alright. Let go and let God!

Thinking: that Frassy is one of the most inspiring fashion blogs out there. Did you discover it already? Go, go, go check it out.

Bookmarking: THIS blog post.

Excited : about life. There is so much more to come!


IMG-20150509-WA0001Btw, so excited to finally share with you some of the images from this mother’s day themed modelling shoot we did in May. We were kindly invited by Sarah Christian, a fabulous Ghanaian fashion designer who also happens to be a dear friend, to model for her May Motherhood inspired collection. I said, heck yeah! So off we went for a long exciting day of shooting and soothing little ones who nonchalantly turn cranky at their first modelling gig! I know, it’s been ages since it was shot, sorry to be so late posting the images!

Photography : Kwesi Memory

Makeup РGlitz N Glow  Makeup Artisty

Designer – Sarah Christian.