Ahoj everyone!!! Hope y’all having a great week so far!

As promised, I present to you today, our Sunday shoot!!! (Dramatic drum-roll, please.) So, guess where we spent the day?? Right on one, at the beach. Where else, right? Hehe. Hmph. To be honest, I really have no words to describe our day… It wasn’t perfect, you know? The traffic getting there was horrible as usual, we had to send our lunch back because the fish was under-cooked, etc, etc… but still, the imperfections of it all, they kinda fade away in the wake of the majesty of the sea, the soothing rhythm of the waves, the whole ambiance of it all… just magic. Perfect in its imperfections.

It can sound cliche, but it’s absolutely true. If you have a mind attuned to it, one can find magic everywhere, anywhere; in the most simplest of places, in the seemingly most trivial of things. Because life exudes magic. Every time baby Milan breaks into a smile, my breath catches in my throat, and my whole world stops. Everything is perfect, and I just want to freeze the moment in the treasure trove of my heart and cherish it forever… that boy is pure magic. And you know what? So are you. You are here, against all the odds (and competing sperm cells), you made it, and by God, you are here. A unique combination of DNA sequences that has never been or will ever be in the Universe. Just belongs to you. Unique talents, and you are chock full of potential, dripping with your own unique magic to cast. Are you casting your spells? 🙂

On Sunday, we found magic, and I hope that I’m able to share that with you today.











Hope you enjoyed the post today! M and I tried something new. New angles, and channeling the sway of the waves and coconut trees, the spirit of things. I love this dress that I mistook for a Dashiki at first sight. I believe they call it Angelina. You all know there’s nothing like a loose flowing maxi for comfort and expressing your femininity. This one clings at the top but loosens up into a flowy billowing wonder in the wind. Perfect for the beach! And for a pirate look, when paired with the hat, according to M. Ha!

Talk soon.



Your fellow spell caster and lady pirate!




Ahoj everyone! (Pronounced a-hoy, Slovak word for hello and goodbye 😀 )

Hmmm…. October, October… October is off to a good start. We stayed home all Saturday, all together again; it was pure bliss. We have M back in Ghana! How wonderful.

The day started off grey, and soon dark clouds appeared in the sky, steadily creeping towards us. It certainly looked like rain. If anything would make the day even more perfect, it was rain. Our faces lit up with excitement, and Alexander and I ran round and round the porch, singing and dancing at the top of our lungs. We love rain. M just laughed, but I could tell he was excited at the prospect too.

It’s been so long since we felt the cold caress of raindrops on our skin. Bring on the partyyy! (Not sure if I explained here, but Alexander and I like to party!!! What that basically means is we hold hands and jump up and down, round and round, chanting “party, party, party” as loudly as we can. Yeah… totally adult of me… but hey! A mom gotta do what a mom gotta do. Right?

Alas! It did not rain, so we spent the day at the pool in consolation. That day I had on this cute denim dress that I’m totally in love with. I love the girly balloon silhouette of it, and the gold details like the golden V at the neck and gold clips on the shoulders. To accentuate the waist (and gold accents) I whipped a gold leopard skinny belt around me. I added gold earrings and leopard print sandals which perfectly matched the belt and finished off the look with a red lip! The sun was out with a vengeance, so out came the sun hat. What do you think of the final look??

Guys… I cannot wait to tell you more about the weekend… Sunday was an absolute dream. Stay tuned for more, cannot wait to share all that we’ve been shooting with you! The blogging hiatus is over, and we are back with a vengeance!!

Happy Monday!

(PS. Note to self – next time, shoot at the start of the day. You know, before the craziness of the day renders me all wet! Ha. )







Talk soon!

Have a wonderful week.





A few years ago, I arrived in Accra. A small-town girl, (single sex) boarding school educated, fresh-faced and maybe just a little bit naive. I had been accepted into university to study Biological Science. I was so excited, not just because of uni, but because I felt like yes, this was my moment to pursue my dreams; all the moments of my life so far, all the angst, the struggles, all had culminated to this – my chance to pursue my dream of being an entertainer.

All my life I have felt called to this. I was never happier than the moments I was on stage dancing, acting, singing; I had never felt more alive than in those moments of expressing that primal part of me, bringing to life characters in all their messy beautiful glory. I lived for the stage.

Arriving in Accra was magical. Free for the first time in my life! No parents, relatives, headmistresses, priests to dominate and prescribe my actions. And books, books, books!! All the books that I could ever read! EPP bookstore, Methodist bookstore, random vendors on the street, it was a bookworm’s paradise and I fully dipped and immersed myself in them all.

And not to talk of the beach! Ohmygosh, how I love losing myself in a book in the shade of a coconut tree on our beautiful scenic beaches! So many wonderful memories made on the beach…

Falling in love was bewildering and took me totally by surprise…that feeling of two souls so different and yet so determined to make it work despite it all… Everything paled by comparison, shadows in the wake of a bright beautiful sun. Two wonderful children later and I live in a love cocoon everyday, everyday.

Time sweeps us in its stride, and soon I shall have to make some important decisions… I don’t know, but I still feel so drawn to the same career aspirations as in the past, and I hope I can share that with you here.

Y’all know I started this blog to document my journey into vogue, but it was more that, honestly. I want to be a part of all the beautiful souls telling our African stories. Pouring out our soul and spirit in honesty and helping others to understand the real Africa, and our diverse African stories. That is why I started a blog in 2012 and why I decided to document my style journey.

Three months in, and I don’t completely know which road exactly I’m taking in this journey, but I do know that I’m in it for the long haul. It’s a process of experimentation and I hope you’ll bear me out as I try my hands at different subjects and themes. Overall, the goal I aspire to is to inspire. I want us all to live the best we can, to go for our dreams with no holds bared, to be the best versions of ourselves we can be, because I believe firmly that is how the Creator intended it.

So this might probably not be a pure personal style blog! I’ll probably be throwing in some interior design, books and restaurant reviews, etc on here… I hope you’ll enjoy them too!