Hey guys!

It feels like I haven’t been updating you since forever, and I’m missing this place like crazy. I just started fashion blogging last month, and yet I feel so welcomed into the arms of this world, it’s like I’ve always been here. It’s so exciting!  

Hope you had a good weekend, and hope you are having a good week so far?

Over here, mothering two boys is leaving me breathlessly in love, too many awww moments! Big brother Sasha is so sweet to the little moonbeam. He is as in love with him as the rest of us. He’s always trying to grab and hold his little brother, to hug him, to kiss him. Problem is, he is none too gentle, clearly ignorant of the finer points of delicate handling of babies! Ha. Although it is such a blessing, parenting is exhausting, and it looks like fashion blogging is fast becoming a release from all the craziness of life here.

Alright, enough about parenting! Did I tell you about the weather these days?? It’s been crazy hot! The Sun – it burns!!!

This is the math.

Hot sun + no electricity (“dumsor”) = NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Awww where art thou, thou sweet cool Harmattan? 

Consequently, I’ve been gravitating towards dresses, dresses, and more dresses. Can’t wait to show you some of the looks I’ve been putting together. Today I’m sharing with you this look I had on about a week ago. When I like a favorite item, I tend to wear it to death! I wore this top in this post.

So here I am in one of my current favorite ensembles – this silky top and corduroy pants. A bit of an understated look, eh?

My mom got me these pants when I was fifteen, and they were so big on me I couldn’t wear them until I was eighteen. I had to content myself with longing looks and soft touches and it hanged oh-so-tantalizingly in my closet.  When they finally fit, every time I needed to wear something quick, I slithered into these!

They are so super-comfy and stylish, love them! I was so thrilled when I tried them on last week and they fit! Looks like I might be back to pre-pregnancy size already :O

Plus I’m so thrilled to finally wear these grey suede ankle boots! Got them in the summer on holiday in Europe while I was still expecting. Nothing like a little extra motivation to stay the fitness path, eh?












I wish you all the very best for the week and especially for the month of love! Life is so beautiful. Live it up, have a blast!



Outfit Details

Top – “Borrowed” from big sis 😀

Pants – From Mom

Shoes – Kik (Europe)

Earrings – Gift from a friend

Bracelets – Madina market and African market (in Accra near the lighthouse)

7. Shades of Pink


After days of haranguing me to fix an appointment with the doctor, M finally put a gun to my head  oh no, super-glued my fingers to the phone  errm, pulled a sweet number and I melted and complied. (I don’t like hospitals… or needles… or pills… or Vitamin C…)

So Wednesday afternoon our big family of four piled up into our mini car and we headed out. Without warning, without artifice, the Harmattan is gone as suddenly as it came and the hot sunny days are back, along with an old friend (hello ‘dumsor-dumsor’!)

I dropped off M and Alexander at the playground on the way, and we had a quick mini photoshoot (kids had fallen asleep, left them with the driver). Very quick, took like ten minutes!

I’m not one for skirts but this black one was screaming my name last Monday in the boutique so I bought it just to shut it up before I got a headache 😀 Doesn’t hurt that it has such a nice swish-and-swing to it too! Plus it has endless styling options. Here I paired it with a pink top, and a pink bag and black heels as accessories.

Anyway, this is the result of the shoot. Enjoy!

full-length - THE STYLE RECLUSE





 Outfit Details

Shoes: gift from a long time ago

Skirt : Mr Price

Top : bought it on a whim at a random street shop in Spintex :O

Bag: Melcom

Linking Up


2. Ghana Style



(Pictured : Becca, Gh songstress. I love her style!)

Well, this is exciting.

Hi everyone! Cara here!

Although Ghana may not be a perfect country, when it comes to fashion and style, it is simply impeccable. Ghanaians have great taste in fashion, and amazing impeccable style! The (dusty) streets are our runways, and the people of Ghana rock it in style. Inspiration surrounds us – vibrant colours abound over here on the streets, in the markets, in our textiles; vivid blue skies and seas – and inspires so much creativity. It’s exciting and I feel so lucky to be Ghanaian and to live in the midst of such inspiration and beauty.

To me, fashion is about more than simply covering up. Outfits tell a story about the wearer. They can communicate where you’ve been, where you are, what you believe in.

In the right outfit, you can be a mermaid, a princess, a queen strutting down her kingdom 🙂 I love how versatile we can get with our looks if only we get creative.

Aaaand, whether we like it or not, people form first impressions based on our appearance so why not make those impressions striking and true to our style?

I love fashion and I’m happy I get to share that with you over here in my very first fashion and style blog!

Cozy up and let’s spend some time together!