collecting moments

Once again it’s the dead of the night, and I find myself awake and craving to share something with you…

“ while you are alive collect moments not things, earn respect not money and enjoy love not luxuries”

― Aarti Khurana

The feel of your smooth soft skin pressed against my bare shoulders which are slippery from all your wet kisses. The feel of your chubby little hands patting my face, beautiful gummy smile on, your eyes full of stars sparkling into mine… and then the turn of the head to gaze curiously at the camera!
Our choice of clothes do affect the moments we live, and the memories that we create. In the right ones, clothes enhance moments, and that, my dears, is what this blog is going to be about! The curation of beautiful moments and memories (through photos, words, and soon, videos!!)
Your body is a blank canvas on which you are free to paint, so paint something beautiful! You are in charge 🙂 And oh, remember we are what we eat, so choose wisely 😉
Happy Monday, and have an amazing week!
What is personal style? In the most basic terms, personal style is knowing and wearing what looks good on you. It’s a journey, because some things like your age and your body may inevitably change, and you will need to account for that (for eg, what you wear when you are a teen is probably not going to appeal to you in your thirties 😀 ). It’s knowing which colours, trends, etc will suit your colouring, your body type, your height, etc. It involves a knowledge and understanding of who you are and what image you want to project to the world. A great personal style is not too dependent on what’s fashionable at the moment, because like they say, fashion is momentary, but style is eternal…
It is beautiful when we feel, look, and be the very best versions of ourselves that we can manage. Not easy, true, but a body can always aspire…



Hey guys!

It feels like I haven’t been updating you since forever, and I’m missing this place like crazy. I just started fashion blogging last month, and yet I feel so welcomed into the arms of this world, it’s like I’ve always been here. It’s so exciting!  

Hope you had a good weekend, and hope you are having a good week so far?

Over here, mothering two boys is leaving me breathlessly in love, too many awww moments! Big brother Sasha is so sweet to the little moonbeam. He is as in love with him as the rest of us. He’s always trying to grab and hold his little brother, to hug him, to kiss him. Problem is, he is none too gentle, clearly ignorant of the finer points of delicate handling of babies! Ha. Although it is such a blessing, parenting is exhausting, and it looks like fashion blogging is fast becoming a release from all the craziness of life here.

Alright, enough about parenting! Did I tell you about the weather these days?? It’s been crazy hot! The Sun – it burns!!!

This is the math.

Hot sun + no electricity (“dumsor”) = NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

Awww where art thou, thou sweet cool Harmattan? 

Consequently, I’ve been gravitating towards dresses, dresses, and more dresses. Can’t wait to show you some of the looks I’ve been putting together. Today I’m sharing with you this look I had on about a week ago. When I like a favorite item, I tend to wear it to death! I wore this top in this post.

So here I am in one of my current favorite ensembles – this silky top and corduroy pants. A bit of an understated look, eh?

My mom got me these pants when I was fifteen, and they were so big on me I couldn’t wear them until I was eighteen. I had to content myself with longing looks and soft touches and it hanged oh-so-tantalizingly in my closet.  When they finally fit, every time I needed to wear something quick, I slithered into these!

They are so super-comfy and stylish, love them! I was so thrilled when I tried them on last week and they fit! Looks like I might be back to pre-pregnancy size already :O

Plus I’m so thrilled to finally wear these grey suede ankle boots! Got them in the summer on holiday in Europe while I was still expecting. Nothing like a little extra motivation to stay the fitness path, eh?












I wish you all the very best for the week and especially for the month of love! Life is so beautiful. Live it up, have a blast!



Outfit Details

Top – “Borrowed” from big sis 😀

Pants – From Mom

Shoes – Kik (Europe)

Earrings – Gift from a friend

Bracelets – Madina market and African market (in Accra near the lighthouse)



Hey y’all!

How’s your week going? Hope you’ve had a good one so far. Mine has not been bad actually, despite the electricity situation… I know! I know! I keep mentioning it, I’m sorry, but it really gets so frustrating!!! Ok zip, lips sealed. I promise not to mention it again…for the rest of the week. Hehe 😀

the style recluse LPD9

And now on to the business of the day. This little pink dress! I’ve been racking and racking my brains but I seriously can’t remember where I got it – gasp! This is quite unprecedented, I usually remember every minute detail of my purchases :O I must be getting quite old… or is it motherhood setting in?? Oh gosh…



Every single time I don this number, I feel transported into another world. A bright, beautiful world of vivid colours and sunny days, where I’m young, vibrant, with not a care in the world; a world where I spend the days exploring and twirling round and round in my little pretty dress…until I slump down unto the green green grass in a dizzy heap and I start looking around for someone to share the laughter with. My family!

Ladies, a little pink dress is a must-have! Seriously. It’s versatile, you can style it in so many ways and wear it to almost any occasion. It can go from girly and fun to flirty to chic and ladylike. Really, you would be only limited by your imagination. 😀

Alrighty! Enjoy the pictures 🙂 and the rest of your week.



the style recluse LPD13

the style recluse LPD10

the style recluse LPD4

the style recluse lpd17

the style recluse LPD16

www.xocara.com LPD

Outfit Details

Dress – vintage( ??! )

Shoes – love them!

Bag – thrifted