Shall I whisper, or shall I shout?

Feel like Tom Sawyer’s Becky Thatcher, lost in the caves, calling out with the walls reverberating with sound.

Except I whisper gently, …are you there?

Ahoj… Hello…

Sorry I left you in the cold…

Will you forgive me? I’m back here and I promise to do better…

Is that a joyful “ahoj” I’m hearing back from you??! Or is it the echo of my own voice?

Ahoj from me, in an outfit I loved, that brightened my day. Felt like a Spanish Senorita, and Alex’s friend Yasmine told me I “had shape and looked like a Black American”. Her sister Jada on the other hand, firmly decided and made me promise to do her makeup on her wedding day because I do mine “so nice”.

Well… baby weight for the win? (Yes, I have one more little bundle to cuddle and hold close. Adam, all bright eyes, cute little smiles, and searching/nudging rosebud lips. Eleven weeks old on Saturday!)

Seeing as Valentine’s day is right around the corner, consider this a little Valentine day outfit inspiration!

What are doing this Valentine? I think I might cart off the family for ice cream out, or simply stay in and read a nice book. But ha, who am I kidding! Read a sentence of a nice book is more like it, with the activity and exhaustion level around here. No complaints though. #blessed (Also, my birthday approaches; 4th February, so excited for that!)

Happy new month, my loves, and happy new year!














Top : Thrifted from @twice_new on insta

Skirt : mrp fashion

Shoes : Tesco Slovakia

Earrings : Odara

Lips : Mac Ruby Woo


Thank you so much for being here, for reading, for all the positivity and support; everything.

Love, Cara Mamacita!


www.xocara.com LPD

The day is slowly but surely drawing to a close, and so will end my birth”day”. Note: I’m celebrating the whole week people! Birthday week ūüėĬ†

In honour of my¬†new year¬†starting today, I thought I’d work the taking stock template. Got introduced to the “taking stock” thing through Sharon Mundia of the ThisIsEss blog, who mentioned the Daybook blog as her source. I followed up and discovered the original source, who happens to be Pip at MeetMeAtMikes.com. Pip had provided a blank template for anyone who wished to to copy and paste and fill it up, so I thought why not! I like it, and this might just be what the doctor ordered to help me cover all the bases…

So here goes!

Making:¬†faces and grimacing as I try to think of what I’ve been recently making… Ah yes! Making plans for a special weekend celebration of the birthday… A nice quiet dinner with loved ones at somewhere nice.

Cooking : nothing elaborate, but I fried Alex and I an omelette for a snack today. It was so tasty we devoured it in ten seconds flat and then fought over who gets to scrape the plate. It was hilarious! Possibly the best gawddamned omelette I ever made. Really. 

Drinking :¬†a sachet of water first thing every morning after I wake up, and then regularly throughout the day. Another one of my “secrets” to keeping in shape. I’m not going to bore you with a write-up about the benefits of drinking water, you are probably sick of reading that already, no? BUT I have to say what they write is true…yep.

Reading: Mastery by Robert Greene and rereading Anne of Green Gables by Lucy Montgomery for the 13674323553th time. I just loooove the Anne series. Anyone with me on this? It was one of my new year resolutions to read a book per week, but I only managed two so far, and that was a reread of Hunger Games I and II. *Hands over face* I find that series irresistible for some reason!

Wanting:¬†a smart phone!!! I feel quite reluctant to get one though, with this naughty toddler in the house. I already got two ebook readers broken and it’s enough of a battle protecting my tablet so far… BUT I really want one, especially one with a great camera, so I don’t have to lug my my super-heavy camera everywhere with me… Any recommendations for a great hardy toddler- and baby-proof smartphone will be highly appreciated. If there is such a thing! Ha.

Also, all I want today is to be at the beach, hear the waves crashing against the rocks, feel the cold wind biting on my skin, the brine on my tongue and fogging my glasses. The exuberance of it all as a backdrop as I read a good book. That’s all I want. I’m a bit of a beach bum! Hehe

Looking:¬†over at baby Milan to check that he still slumbers peacefully. Gotta hurry. He’ll be waking soon.

Playing: “Flying Airplanes and Jumping Frogs” with Alex a lot lately. Like a LOT. We run around with arms outstretched for airplanes, flapping arms for butterfly, and extra flapping for birdies. We, you guessed right, hop for frogs. He always says “moooore”. My arms are about ready to drop off.

Wasting: no time napping when I have a chance!

Sewing: ummm, would love to!

Wishing:¬†that Milos was home, especially today…

Enjoying: All the sympathy hugs and kisses from Alex. That kid is very intuitive and affectionate.

Waiting:¬†for Milos to come home…

Liking:¬†how great I’ve gotten at typing with one hand.¬†

Wondering:¬†when I’ll FINALLY have six packs again.

Loving: how great it’s going with blogging already. Thank you so much for reading. It makes all the late night drooping eyelids worthwhile.

Hoping: to create something magical over here on the blog!

Marvelling: at how nice it is that my google homepage shows a cake and birthday wishes for me. Also got birthday wishes from MTN, vodafone and my bank. I got free credit and I even had MTN send me a song. Wowzers, these guys are really upping their game! 

Also, electricity has been on the whole freaking day! Is that lucky or what?! Hah! Happy birthday to me ūüėÄ

Needing: a professional photographer to do uh-mazing shoots with. That, and a full body massage. YES.

Smelling: the lingering aroma of our amazing omelette.

Wearing: My old shorts. They fit!!!!

Noticing: how tired my poor shoulders are. Also, the disqus comment system is finally properly installed. Been struggling with that since last night.

Knowing: that everything will be alright in the end. All the blood and tears we put into our passions pay off in the end. And all will work out for our good. Yep.

Thinking:¬†about how blessed I’ve been on my life journey so far.¬†

Feeling:¬†like the luckiest girl alive! I like to tell myself this all the time, and hey, it works. Makes me dare to dream bigger and to work harder. To be honest, I actually believe I am…¬†

Bookmarking:¬†a million¬†photos and blogs that inspire me. I love to see what others are creating. It’s so motivating.

Opening: a Mary Kay make-up set I just got. I feel so nervous but oh-so-ready to full-on tackle make-up!

Giggling:¬†at Alex crawling over (in his sleep) to lay his head in my lap. I live for these special mommy moments. So sweet! Also, Milan smiles when I smile and when I sing for him. He has the most wonderful mood-lifting toothless smile. I instantly feel so blessed when he smiles. I always go like, “thank you God”. You mothers especially can relate, mmm? It might sound cliche but it really is a privilege to call those little ones our own, to be a mother.

Mama and Alex- xocara.com

Aaaand the end! Thank you so much for being here, and any thoughts from you will be appreciated as well, so please feel free to comment! I’ll love to get to know my readers.