Hello my loves! I have missed you.

Happy new month, happy November! Woo hoo. We made it into November! Only a couple of months to go until the new year. Scary but quite exciting at the same time. Are you excited for this month?

So, how was your October? Mine has been quite delicious!!!! Yes, you read right, delicious!!! Guess what I’ve been doing? Reading through my teen journals. Reconnecting with Cara the teen. And oh my, she was quite the ambitious and daring character! She read too much (it has been on her goal list since she was fourteen years old and every year after that to “quit being so obsessed with reading”…), fantasized too much, danced too much, journalled a lot, and wrote a lot of poetry and stories. The Cara before you know, the Mommy blues and anxiety episodes, was so spunky and full of life! One question, how the heck did I lose her??!! Never again. When was the last time you reconnected with your younger self? Kudos if you’ve never lost her, and if you have, go on, what are you waiting for, go find her!

Last month, the assertive theme continued on from September, along with a dash of spontaneity. I took the little ones exploring in Accra; several times we went out, with no plans but to wander, get lost in the city and live in the moment. It was fun, it was crazy, it was awesome, it was freaking delicious! What a sight it was to see Baby Milan so totally engrossed in the sights and sounds, taking it all in. He especially loved the flea market, with its winding port-holed dirt paths jammed with stalls stocked with colorful goods, and all the market people calling out friendly greetings to him. I’ve got to take him more often!

As you know, I lost the use of my tablet (and consequently social media) in September. In retrospect, that was one of the best things to have happened to me at the time. Until it was gone, I didn’t realize how much I was letting social media creep into the crevices of free time in my life. Instagram and snapchat… so inspiring and yet oh so addicting… no wonder the thought of getting a smart phone sometimes grips me with horror, ha! I’m not quite ready yet to go back… The lesser the exposure, the better.

October has been good. It has been a time of rediscovery indeed; of my core self, of my purpose and of my message. I hope you had a good one too. And don’t worry, you’ll be seeing me around here a lot more often this month! *wink wink*





I send you so so much love and  light. And thank you for being here.








Hey darlings!

Another week beginning… we groan and complain every Morning, bemoaning the fact that it’s the start of a new working week, but today, I want us to start it in bliss. Yes it’s Monday, but heck, it’s the start of a new week where we are ALIVE. Where we have our families and loved ones ALIVE. Where we have a phone or computer to even see this. We are privileged and blessed.


As you know from this post, I’m reading Barbara Winter’s book. It has really rekindled something in me, and I’ve been wondering if perhaps I’m doing the right thing, postponing some of my dreams… As you know, performing is my first love. This year I resolved to live moment by moment, with no plans towards the future at all, but to simply let myself be fully immersed in life, living it moment by moment. No worrying about tomorrow and what it might bring, just to live in the now. I also resolved for some reason, don’t ask me why, to chase my dream of acting only after I’m thirty… Weird, I know, for someone who wants to live life fully to the point where every single talent I’ve been given has been used and polished until I have no more to give… thoroughly emptied up. 🙂

Now I’m really wondering about the logic of that resolve… is it really for the best to wait till I’m thirty? Or shall I simply go for it right now… I wonder…At the same time, something tells me the time is not right. My instinct, if you will… I shall trust the process. Let His will be done…always.

So tell me, if I ever get to be in a movie, what role do you envision me in?? 😀


Our last day in Prague found me scouring the shops, M and the kids in tow, and me thoroughly determined to acquire a momento, my own little piece from Prague which says yes, I’ve been here! Have you ever tried shopping with your significant other? Add a rampaging toddler and a cranky baby to the mix and it’s not just exasperating, it’s flat out nightmarish! Ok maybe I exagerate a bit…

BUT still…

It’s a testament to my high levels of frustration that when M finally suggested that that momento could be a bikini, of all transient things, I grasped at the chance to flee the shop.

We ended up in Decathlon, where the boys had fun in the huge cemented alleys testing out scooters and bicycles; and I ended up with this bikini and two sport bras (which cost MORE than the scooter that was picked out for little Alexander in the end.) Decathlon is a really fun concept of a shop; spacious (huge really), big lanes with cemented floors for testing gear out. It’s a one stop shop for all items sports related; from skis for skiing to swimwear to jogging wear to biking…etc. In short, a haven for the boys!

This Saturday I mustered up courage to wear it, with beautiful white shorts a couple of sizes too big from Lidl (Slovakia), broken sunnies (from Togo) I had fixed, and nails I had painted a bright pinkish red the night before; feeling that hey, today, forget body issues. Today you are alive, your family is alive and well, you are young; who knows what tomorrow might bring or take away, today you celebrate!

So tell me, what do you dream of? Remember, we are fearfully and wonderfully made; and limitless, in the image of our Creator!

Ciao, my dears, thanks for reading!

Love and light,















Bikini – Decathlon (Prague)

Shorts – Lidl (Slovakia)

Sunnies –  funniest vendor ever in Togo!

Bangles – Slovakia

Blue beaded bangle – Gift from my sis!

Shoes – Lidl

Hat – Tesco (Slovakia)

Ethnic stone earrings – Madina (Ghana)

Amulet around my neck – Kik (Slovakia)

Whew, that’s a whole lot of items and countries!



It is absolutely insane for me to think that just a few moments ago we were wishing each other a happy new year and now it’s already June! Who spun the time machine so fast?? Not cool, man. Here commences the last days of the first half of the year. Make them count!

How is it going with the new year resolutions and goals? Whether they go well or not, we still have a chance to give things an extra burst of effort and we are grateful for that. Isn’t it exciting to be alive? There is always some mountain to climb and an awesome victory to savor at the top, because the view is always amazing at the top. We are grateful for the gift of life!

Happy new month, and don’t forget to enjoy the climb as well!

In just a few more days, I am going to be live and coloured in this beautiful gothic city! Can you guess where I’m off to? Ten points for a perfect guess!





(Featured image from gcaptain.com )Charles_Bridge_at_dusk_Prague_Czech_Republic

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