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Good morning loves. How are you faring this morning?

I feel the stirrings of excitement slowly coursing through my veins, because we were awakened this morning by the gentle rush of the wind and the pitter patter of warm rain. Could it be that Ghana’s rainy season has truly begun at last?

Growing up, I always loved the rain. I love new beginnings, and so I love the rise and set of the Sun everyday, and I love the rain. I love the rain that cleanses the streets defiled by the trash carelessly strewn around, leaving the Land renewed and the air warm, crisp and fresh. The aftermath of muddy slush that clinged to the soles of our shoes is a small price to pay…

I especially loved rainy mornings, because sometimes God would listen to us if we prayed hard enough, and there would be no school. Barring that, even if we had to go, it was guaranteed to be a slow day of little to no lessons, and lots and lots of delicious time to read my novels under my desk, and be transported to other worlds, cultures and adventures.

Oh my, I love the rain! Do you do too?

Our outfit for today is this crisp white ensemble I had on for our mini excursion to Aburi Botanical gardens last weekend. It was a beautiful day, sunny, cloudless and hot, but under the shade of the trees it was just breezy and perfect. This is an outfit that was a perfect ten in my book, because it ticked all my boxes of comfort, style, sheer lace, frayed denim, ankara accessories, all white with a hint of black; modernity with a hint of ancestral. 🙂

An appropriate outfit to mark the new epoch of my life…

Hope you enjoy the photos and I hope these inspire your style.

Location : Aburi Botanical Gardens


xocara aburi botanical gardens




xocara aburi gardens

Location : Golden Tulip Hotel, Accra


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xocara golden tulip hotel

golden tulip resort xocara blog

xocara blog

ankara accessories ghana xocara blog

Thank you so much for reading, have a wonderful week!

Loads of love,


Sheer black top – mr p

Shorts – Lidl Slovakia

Ankara accessories – Biggles Kreations

Ankara shoes – Customized

Blazer – Topolcany Square

Bag – CCC, Austria

Sunnies – Accra Central



Hello March, happy new month!

I whole-heartedly adhere to that wise admonition of an unexamined life not worth living, so taking stock is more than a priority. It is a necessity for me and I believe for all my conscious driven brethren out there.

But first off, allow me to wish a very happy birthday to the beautiful Mojisola of Moj In Touch. Moji, I’m so happy I ‘met’ you on here. You are one classy gorgeous lady and I learn so much (and continue to learn) from your inspiring style and life posts on how to shop smart, look expensive on a budget, and maximize my wardrobe. Happy birthday and happy blogiversary!!!


Making : certain, absolutely certain, that I finish this article before one of my brood detects my absence (with their mommy super-sensor) in the bed and toddle out in indignation, screaming their lungs out, demanding that I better get back to bed RiiGHT NOW. Yeah, the mommy life is such a glamorous one.

Cooking : up schemes to DO SOMETHING THAT SCARES ME every month, heck, everyday if I can wrangle that. That’s so much more like me.

Drinking : Orange juice, pineapple juice, freshly squeezed. I’m addicted.

Reading : Maya Angelou I know Why The Caged Bird Sings, and If Tomorrow Comes by Sidney Sheldon. Done with both.

Wanting : To show my sons the world. Take them places. Teach them to love the land and people with a pure compassionate heart. Also, I want Tracy Whitney’s life (yes, really), sans the prison stint. Okay, okay! Just kidding… maybe. 😐

Wishing : for a year on the road exploring more of Ghana, and then a walk across Africa, and a caravan-tour of Europe. (Jeeeez, ambitious, much??)

Enjoying : Baby Milan’s husky little voice calling out “Mama, mama” all the time.

Feeling : Inspired and frustrated by turns. My wireless internet hasn’t been working for two days now. And there went my plans for to post every. single. day. (Actually, make that three days, since I couldn’t post this yesterday but today. It’s Friday, darn it. How did that happen?! But now I have internet working. Woo hoo!)

Marveling: that I’m here, still here, going strong despite all the odds, all I’ve been through.

Resolving : To embrace the uncertainty of our current life. Whether we end of on the outskirts of Accra, in the cold arms of Slovakia, or exactly where we are right now at the end of the month, IT’S OKAY. And I’m done worrying about it. We’ll roar out to meet it when it comes.

Believing : strongly in the power of meditation, prayer and concentrated effort.

Knowing : that we can rise above our circumstances, be all we want to be, despite obstacles society might place before us. We have the power of our Creator in us. We are strong, and we cannot be moved.


xocara-pop-of-colour (8)




xocara-pop-of-colour (5)

This post is SO appropriate (and long overdue, shot it ages ago) seeing as I’m literally donning this exact romper, and my hair is back to afro (the most gigantic I’ve ever had, because the braids just got taken out) as I type. But I don’t look anything like this though.


I look more like this.

xocara-pop-of-colour (8)

xocara-pop-of-colour (1)

Barefoot and all.

Except this adorable little boy is now snugly wrapped and on my back, snoozing off like no one’s business.

But oh my, oh me, he’s slowly getting too big to carry on the back. (Pardon me while I wipe off a tear from my eye at the very thought of not being able to carry him thus anymore!)

xocara-pop-of-colour (7)

Alright now, let’s get to business.

xocara-pop-of-colour (5)

Today’s post is about the perfect pop of colour. Now if you are ahem, a bit of a colour-phobiac, emm, I mean a bit of a minimalist when it comes to your wardrobe colours, this post is especially for you.

Why not liven up the greys, blacks and whites of your wardrobe with some dazzling pops of colour? Don’t you panic, we can still keep our basics neutral, it’s the accessories and other accompaniments that we’re looking at (think shoes, bags, jewellery, scarves, blazers, etc). Bold colours are perfect for adding personality, fun and interest to our looks.

Take this blazer I’m wearing today, for example. This absolutely ravishing bold red blazer with its perfect little metallic details. It takes my simple basics to dressy with a snap, perfect for the days when I’m lounging at home but need to run pick up Alexander from school in the afternoon.

Paired with the right “grown-up” heels, I look like the polished mommy I’m usually not. Ha!

I also looooove this structured bag, because it’s formal, but still has an element of fun with that golden heel in the front. I think it expresses my personality perfectly in this case!

xocara-pop-of-colour (9)

xocara-pop-of-colour (3)

Have a great day, my boos. Hope you enjoyed yesterday the 29th. Cheers to us witnessing it the next time it’s here!

xocara-pop-of-colour (6)



Rompers – thrifted

Blazer – H&M

Shoes – Qupid