Baby Announcement


It’s Friday afternoon. Outside the house, all is mostly quiet except for the low humming of A/Cs. Inside the house, vintage high life music plays on the radio, soothing mother and baby M to sleep. Yep, baby M!!! I’ve got the most exciting news!

Isn’t it amazing how swiftly life can change in the space of a heartbeat, a moment, a last no-holds-barred push!

Yep, my second little one has been born. The joy and excitement  of new life permeates our dwelling. All hearts are glad and in celebratory mode over here. Christmas has come early for us. We have been blessed.

So now I’m a mom of two… ok that sounds so weird… hehe… who would have thought it?? Certainly not I. I feel like I’m now officially a WOMAN, in capital letters. Like, WOMAN. Definitely no longer a girl… And it still feels so weird.

I guess I’m still yet to wrap my head around the concept…

I’m a mother. A mother of two. I have survived labor twice, and I have two noisy little ones to show for it. Talking about little ones, baby M looks just like his older brother, with some small changes – a longer nose, jet-black hair, grey eyes. Kinda like a picture of his older brother but with deliberate mistakes.

As himself, he’s perfect! So beautiful, and smells so dreamy… mmm 🙂

Welcome little baby Milan. Welcome to a wonderful world.

Thoughts In The Night


I’ve never been that girl who wanted a family early on in her youth. To the contrary, I always imagined myself settling down somewhere in my thirties  only after jetting off around world having hair-raising adventures and accomplishing a slew of worthy pursuits. I even used to joke that I’d finally settle down at forty.

And now here I am, with the reality of the situation vastly different… (I’m not complaining though, I love what I’ve created with my life so far…)

As the delivery day draws closer and closer I find myself wondering a lot of things… Parenting one child is difficult enough, would I really be able to manage two?? You hear of women who lay their dreams by the wayside after the arrival of children…would I be one of them?? I have so many plans and projects… and I’ve even been told I might have to completely give up blogging, is that right??

I don’t know, but I have a feeling everything will turn out for the best…or perhaps I’m being overly idealistic, I’ve often been accused of that… Maybe it’s time I started believing again that I’m the luckiest girl in the world! I shall create my own luck. I shall trust my intuition. And I shall let go and let God…

It shall be well.

These days, the electricity situation has been really terrible. The power flickers on and off like disco lights, and as you can imagine, that presents its own special challenges.

I can’t help but admire big dreamers in Ghana, those who chug on through the mires of our muddy country in a bid to bring into life wonderful visions only they can see. There are so many challenges that face them! The power situation, the state of our roads, people’s attitudes, the list is seemingly endless… And yet inevitably, the challenges make the triumphs even more exciting when they happen.

I guess one can’t help but dream, because the alternative is to face feeling dejected and overcome by circumstances, and of what good would that be…

For M who lives here as a foreigner, I guess Ghana can seem unbearable at times, especially with all the corruption and complacency that seems an intricate woven part of the fabric of life here. And all the infrastructure he takes for granted in his country that is missing here…

For Alexander, what he misses most is a playground… he loves the slide and the swing.

But despite it all, I can’t help but love this country, and I firmly believe we the up-and-coming generation will make it better… Because we refuse to stop dreaming and believing, and because we work darn hard to turn those dreams into a beautiful reality.

And we shall never stop dreaming, believing, working.

Fellow Ghanaians and dreamers, what do you think?


A Mother’s Song

Sasha and Mama 2014
First there was pain,
Howling pain.
It burst in waves all over my aching body,
Gripped in the throes of a hurricane of pain,
It felt like there was no end to it.
But I was wrong.
The end came, and then…
then there was you.
With you, life is all shades of crazy.
There are days when everything seems to be still;
And day after day drag on a long boring haze.
Then there are days when everything that can go wrong does
And gets multiplied tenfold
And your shouts and cries get the walls dancing and roof flying up.
There are also moments when everything is perfect
And we find contentment in each other’s gaze
And every gesture is a prayer of gratitude and love.
When suddenly every minute detail in life is beautiful.
Every imperfection is perfect in its beauty.
 And it’s all because you are here.
This is life with you, and I wouldn’t change a thing!

As first seen on my old blog Thanks for reading!