About My Multipod Journey


Sooo, this is the point where I go into a long-winded version of the about page!

I am a multipotentialite aka slasher, multipod, jane-of-all-trades, etc. I am not flaky; I am simply multi-passionate and cannot commit to one single passion(and career) for the rest of my life. In fact, the very thought of it makes me want to jump up screaming and tearing my wild hair out!

Discovering my multipotentialite nature, and finding out that a veritable army of us existed, must have been one of the most exciting, simply exhilarating things that ever happened to me.

Who is a multipotentialite?

You might be wondering. We go by many names: scanners, renaissance people, jack-of-all-trades, etc, names that describe our multi-passionate nature. Most people have one single passion which they specialize in and build their career around. Multipotentialites have many passions and creative pursuits, and they want to do everything! Emilie Wapnick tells you more over at puttylike!

In the beginning…

School was quite enjoyable for me growing up. I coasted through it with my head ALWAYS in a book. I found my circumstances crippling and reading was my escape, my way of sprouting glorious wings with which I flew through exciting adventures.

Basic school was great since we got to learn everything; the real problem started when we had to specialize at the end of junior high, applying to senior high school. I was told that I had no option, I couldn’t combine two or three courses, I just simply had to choose!

Choosing and exploring…

Unhappy and indecisive, I went with the general expectations for me and went with Science. I liked my course, but I felt restricted, boxed in, and I turned highly resistant. University was no better, since it was just a deeper delve into the same specialization. I wanted more, and I compensated by letting studies slide and spending all my time reading fiction.

No longer satisfied with reading, I set out to explore the wild side. Those were heady days and nights of dancing, karaoke, friends and dating. It was wicked, it was wild, it was magic. Along the way, I wound up with the man of my dreams and now we have a beautiful son together.

Things worked out better than I anticipated, delving into the wild side.

I had long since kinda resigned myself to this “failing” of mine, thinking that I was just too flaky or indecisive and doomed to a life of always wondering what could be “out there”. Was I ever so glad to discover not only was it not a negative trait i had to resign myself to and work around, that I could actually design my life so as to have it all; people like me were already doing it!

Multipotentiality is not as a weakness, but a strength.

It has been very empowering, just to accept and own my nature. Life is even more beautiful, acceptance is freedom.

So I’m a multipotentialite mom!

My interests and passions include writing, personal development, interior and fashion design, psychology, photography, travel, purpose-driven living, drawing, teaching, languages and counting, lol!

I consider myself a recovering bookworm, because I spent so much of my years buried in books and dreams that I am still in the process of emerging out of my shell, still getting to know myself and the world better.


This blog is my tool for charting my journey, exploring my evolving passions and remaining accountable. Thanks for visiting and you are welcome to join/follow along/cheer! 🙂

Do you think you might be a multipod/multi-passionate too?? Lemme know in the comments!


Akesi Boa.

A Mother’s Song

Sasha and Mama 2014
First there was pain,
Howling pain.
It burst in waves all over my aching body,
Gripped in the throes of a hurricane of pain,
It felt like there was no end to it.
But I was wrong.
The end came, and then…
then there was you.
With you, life is all shades of crazy.
There are days when everything seems to be still;
And day after day drag on a long boring haze.
Then there are days when everything that can go wrong does
And gets multiplied tenfold
And your shouts and cries get the walls dancing and roof flying up.
There are also moments when everything is perfect
And we find contentment in each other’s gaze
And every gesture is a prayer of gratitude and love.
When suddenly every minute detail in life is beautiful.
Every imperfection is perfect in its beauty.
 And it’s all because you are here.
This is life with you, and I wouldn’t change a thing!

As first seen on my old blog www.carakasa.blogspot.com. Thanks for reading!


Quarterly Reflections


At the beginning of the year, in the spirit of the season, a lot of us eagerly set resolutions to be better, to exercise more, to find the relationship of our dreams, to find that dream job, etc. Now the end of the third quarter of the year approaches. How many dreams have been accomplished, and how many more have slipped down by the wayside to be trampled unnoticed, as we got overcome by life’s cares and burdens?

The beginning of the year is always a magical time rife with the excitement of renewal and new beginnings. How have we maintained our resolve throughout the year? Are we on track? Kudos then. Or have we been negligent?

How has life been different this year?

How will our lives be different in say, one more year? In five years? Does the picture look immensely satisfying and true to the one in our hearts?

If not, why not?

Despite what we do or not, life still goes on…

life goes on