Black and white. Duality. Ying and yang. Opposites. How well that describes the weekend we just experienced! Oh the drama!!! Totally amazing how much of that can be crammed into just a short couple of days. There ought to be a law prohibiting the amount of drama a young lady should be subjected to per weekend or something. Would possibly have saved me a lot! On the other hand, I feel quite like if I’ve survived the past few days with all its rampaging high emotions, I can survive anything!!!

Saturday was quite stressful, but Sunday was (almost) all bliss though, because we made it to my happy place, the ocean. This might sound cliche, but just the first glimpse of the view of the skyline meeting the sea and all the stresses really seem to just fade away. I cannot even begin to describe how wonderful, how uplifting it is. (Ever watched the movie Knockin’ On Heaven’s Door? Donno, but just got reminded somehow. Beautiful movie, I highly recommend it. Go watch it!)

Today’s post is about what to wear to an Outdooring Ceremony in Ghana. In our culture, we believe that life is a cycle marked by four main transitions – birth, puberty, marriage, death (and then a rebirth…) and each transitional stage is marked by rites of passage/ ceremonies. Every newborn baby is confined indoors for at least a week after birth, after which we ‘outdoor’ him, perform the rites of passage welcoming him/her into the family and into the world. It’s a truly beautiful ceremony and recently we had that done for my nephew. This is what I wore. Normally I would have gone for a traditional garb like kaba and slit (which is what everyone else wore, btw.) but unfortunately I had exams that day as well, so I had to dress for that too. Overall, it worked out okay. Just love this dress; can’t go wrong with it! I slicked on some burgundy lipstick (to match the burgundy vintage purse) and I was good to go.

It’s customary to perform outdooring ceremonies at the break of dawn or early in the morning, and to wear white. Huh! That reminds me. I was rummaging through his closet for practically hours for crisp white clothes for Milan and when my hunt yielded nothing suitable, finally had to settle for borrowed ones from Alex (because in my head, it just HAS TO be white, but we really had to go or we would be late). Then we got to the venue and my older nephew was in brown! Brown! A creamy dark caramel of a brown. Not white. Not remotely passable for white at all even if you peered at him with eyes forcibly squeezed half-shut! I could hardly believe it. I raised narrowed eyes and an accusatory finger at my sis like “hey!”, (with a kung fu shriek and kick) but she only just burst out laughing when she heard my story! Then she giggled it out to my mom and they had some more bwhahahaha bwhahahaha’s! Hmph. Apparently the white dress code rule is not so strict when it comes to little ones… okay, my bad. Hmph.

Hope you are off to a good start this week!











Dress – mrp

Flatforms shoes – Jenny Fairy (Slovakia)

Bag – Vintage, from mom

Belt – Tesco



When one is in a place where one stands out due to skin colour and language, it can get more than a tad intimidating, especially when you factor in all the probing eyes all the time. So this is how all the Euglena and Amoeba felt under the microscope, ahhh I sympathize, thou poor souls!

However, an amazing morning spent in (almost) solo exploration has reaffirmed my faith in the basic similarities we humans share. Interestingly, I had more people approaching to say hi and they were full of sweet compliments too!

Now I am doubly convinced that all these probing eyes are mostly friendly albeit curious. Now I echo these sentiments more than ever – a stranger is just a friend you haven’t made yet. And also, money spent traveling is never wasted!

On to the OOTD (Outfit Of The Day); when in Prague, wear the perfect simple LBD (purchased as I awaited the return of my delayed luggage by the airline), rock shades (because their “tropical days” were really hot!) and heels, but don’t forget to carry a cute ballerina pair for backup!

Enjoy the photos, a full Prague Travel diary is coming soon so look out for that! Happy weekend.












After heavy rains that delayed our first flight for an hour, endless hours spent flying and driving, four countries and missing luggage (and forgotten camera) later, we are finally in Prague!!! Back in Europe, and writing to you from my bright little white apartment nestled in a nook a minute walk from the City Centre. Exquisite!

Prague is having a “tropical” few days so it’s actually sunny and hotter here than in Ghana where we are currently experiencing the rainy season. They say tropical, I say perfect!

We’ve been walking and walking and walking, exploring every inch of the historical Old Town all day. What a day! My legs are about ready to fall off. 

For our outfit of the day today, I share with you my Bordeaux dress! I love it because of the bordeaux (wine) color, exquisite neckline detailing and the interesting texture. My little Moonbeam is not so little anymore and does not require nursing every hour or so, so I can finally be break out my pre-maternity clothes. Yay! I paired it with my favorite heels of the moment and a big black bag (because you need to pack a TON when out with two little ones, trust me!) with silver studs to echo the silver accessories.

Perfect outfit for a night out, or dinner with le man. 🙂

What say you?

Ciao, have a nice weekend, everybody!