collecting moments

Once again it’s the dead of the night, and I find myself awake and craving to share something with you…

“ while you are alive collect moments not things, earn respect not money and enjoy love not luxuries”

― Aarti Khurana

The feel of your smooth soft skin pressed against my bare shoulders which are slippery from all your wet kisses. The feel of your chubby little hands patting my face, beautiful gummy smile on, your eyes full of stars sparkling into mine… and then the turn of the head to gaze curiously at the camera!
Our choice of clothes do affect the moments we live, and the memories that we create. In the right ones, clothes enhance moments, and that, my dears, is what this blog is going to be about! The curation of beautiful moments and memories (through photos, words, and soon, videos!!)
Your body is a blank canvas on which you are free to paint, so paint something beautiful! You are in charge 🙂 And oh, remember we are what we eat, so choose wisely 😉
Happy Monday, and have an amazing week!
What is personal style? In the most basic terms, personal style is knowing and wearing what looks good on you. It’s a journey, because some things like your age and your body may inevitably change, and you will need to account for that (for eg, what you wear when you are a teen is probably not going to appeal to you in your thirties 😀 ). It’s knowing which colours, trends, etc will suit your colouring, your body type, your height, etc. It involves a knowledge and understanding of who you are and what image you want to project to the world. A great personal style is not too dependent on what’s fashionable at the moment, because like they say, fashion is momentary, but style is eternal…
It is beautiful when we feel, look, and be the very best versions of ourselves that we can manage. Not easy, true, but a body can always aspire…

2. Ghana Style



(Pictured : Becca, Gh songstress. I love her style!)

Well, this is exciting.

Hi everyone! Cara here!

Although Ghana may not be a perfect country, when it comes to fashion and style, it is simply impeccable. Ghanaians have great taste in fashion, and amazing impeccable style! The (dusty) streets are our runways, and the people of Ghana rock it in style. Inspiration surrounds us – vibrant colours abound over here on the streets, in the markets, in our textiles; vivid blue skies and seas – and inspires so much creativity. It’s exciting and I feel so lucky to be Ghanaian and to live in the midst of such inspiration and beauty.

To me, fashion is about more than simply covering up. Outfits tell a story about the wearer. They can communicate where you’ve been, where you are, what you believe in.

In the right outfit, you can be a mermaid, a princess, a queen strutting down her kingdom 🙂 I love how versatile we can get with our looks if only we get creative.

Aaaand, whether we like it or not, people form first impressions based on our appearance so why not make those impressions striking and true to our style?

I love fashion and I’m happy I get to share that with you over here in my very first fashion and style blog!

Cozy up and let’s spend some time together!



1. New Year, New Beginnings

cara now

 Hi Guys!

So I just had a baby, my second, four weeks ago, and let me tell ya, I am feeling so light after all those weeks of carrying him, lol! (It’s as if he can read my mind, he started giggling in his sleep, awww)

Feeling great, full of energy and renewed passion for fashion, looking at everything with a rosy glow, CANNOT WAIT to wear non-maternity clothes again, so I open my closet and I find out, omigoodness, I have absolutely nothing to wear!

I packed and gave away all my old skinny-me clothes and now I have an almost-empty closet I have to fill with pieces more suited to the new mother-of-two me. I’ve been such a fashion recluse for the past few years, basically since I started expecting my first son, so I cannot wait to get back in vogue!

This blog is going to be about my journey back into fashion, style and fitness; things that I love and feel inspired by, and hence, the name “The Style Recluse”.

Are you like me? Are you also looking to improve your make-up skills and learn how to dress better for your shape? And find your own unique style in the process? Or perhaps you’d just like to see how it goes 😛 you’re welcome!

My aim is to fill this little corner with positive inspiring images and messages, and to introduce you to my take on the Ghanaian lifestyle. I love my motherland, and I’d love to show you all of its most beautiful locations, well as many as I can, you bet!

Thanks for coming along on the journey, and lest I forget, happy new year!

May the new year bring us all the happiness, love, fulfillment and success our hearts desires. Let us let go and be carried away through this year in beautiful moments of spontaneity, love and adventure.


(Identical smiles; with son number 1)

Loads of love,