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What exactly is love?

History inspires us with a lot of heroic acts have been done in the name of love, and on the flip side also wrings our heart with terrible tales also done in the name of love. I’m intrigued, what does love mean to you?

A firm decision to gaze with kindness at the reflection that gazes back at you through the mirror; the courage to let go and to gracefully face and merge with the dark recesses of your Self, that you might come out whole and complete in yourself?

A meeting of two pairs of eyes across a sea of eyes, a delicious bolt of electricity tingling down your spine, and instinctively knowing that yes, THIS is the one?

A union of hearts and a merging of lives, of intertwined destinies, a steady plod of little actions everyday for a lifetime?

To surround ourselves with kindred minds and spirits who help to fill and even out the foundations of a life well lived…

To me love means all these and more…

I wish you a beautiful love season, and I hope you had a beautiful Val weekend. Remember to show love to yourself, to care for and cultivate your mind, heart, soul and body; and to show love to others, especially by being of value to them.

We were blessed to catch the sunrise at Sakumono beach on Sunday morning. Dawn or dusk at the beach is a glorious affair of undulating color-kissed waves and sky. It’s a perfect time for regaining rhythm and perspective. At the mouth of the deep huge scavenger of an ocean one can’t help but feel quite puny. Dimunitive but in the best possible way, and a tremendous sense of connection with our Creator, with our ancestors who have come and gone, and with our future progeny, who will one day gaze upon these very same waters. So wonderful, isn’t it!

I love coming back to the ocean at the end of each week. It calms down my restless wander-lusting spirit like nothing else can.

M and I captured some shots, and I’m so thrilled to share some with you today. For that morning I was all about bohemian vibes with the lace top and dangling multicolored bead necklace and earrings, with an extra element of cool with thoes mirrored sunnies, ha. I also had the cutest ankara espadrilles which I love so much!!! Unfortunately didn’t capture those on camera because of course I went barefoot as soon as I got there…

Hope you enjoy these postcards, and hope you get inspired to go out and enjoy your own beautiful times at the beach!

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Thank you so much for reading!

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See you on the next post!

xo, Cara.

Top – gifted

Bottom – sorry, had it a loooong time, can’t remember where I got it now 😐

Sunnies – Accra Central



Hey loves! So I got nominated by the STUNNING exotic Abu Dhabi beauty, Dana, for a Liebster Award! Dana curates her dainty yet bold style and shares some of her best-kept beauty secrets over at DeeforDana. Thank you for the nomination, Dana! Truly honoured that you thought of me. To accept this award, I have to answer her proposed questions, so here goes:

  • How would you describe your personal style? Evolving. My style is currently in a churning flux which I’m delightedly stirring! What I would say for certain is that I love chic yet comfortable ourfits which make for a polished and yet carefree vibe.


  • Where do you get your style inspiration? In a lot of places. Style blogs, online magazines, previous eras with their timeless styles, etc. I think that we are absolutely surrounded by inspiration, especially in our internet age with the explosion of personal style blogs and such.  I’m also very much inspired by the street-style fashion scene in urban Accra. I think it’s colorful, it’s vibrant, it’s expressive, and it encourages me to go ahead and have fun with it!


  • Where do you find yourself in 5 years from now? Mmmm, good question! So many thoughts run through my head right now. Well, life is pretty unpredictable, but one thing for sure; I’ll be still reading, writing and creating in one form or the other.  I’m sure then, that my relationship with you guys, would have transcended beyond the internet. That we would have built or be building an incredible community of kick-ass, inspired, creative ladies! Ladies sharing our life journeys and supporting one another to dream big and unequivocally chase those dreams. There are no words to express how thrilling, how exciting, how inspiring life becomes when we follow our hearts and dreams. When we live true to ourselves. When we live from the inside out.


  • What is the most important thing you carry with you when you leave the house? Baby Milan! No really, he goes everywhere with me. And yes, extra clothes for Milan, and diapers, don’t forget the diapers! On a non-baby related zone, I ALWAYS have my diary and a storybook with me. Somewhere to house my chaotic thoughts and ideas, and something to whisk me away into another world should we get stuck in the Accra traffic.


  • If you had a chance to buy whatever you wanted for free from one shop, which shop would it be? Oh gosh!!!! I simply can’t. Too many candies in this shop. BUT. I do have an eye on a certain Channel bag and also Chloe bag… a gal can dream, right?


  • What is your favorite pairing for an “on-the-go” outfit? Largely depends on my moods, but I’d say black skinny jeans, a blouse that buttons in the front, and a huge bag to hold le essentials…


  • When shopping, what type of looks attract your attention most? Monochrome outfits, especially all white outfits. Structured looks, asymmetrical lines, interesting mix of textures and materials.


  • What is the most important piece of advice you think we should do as bloggers to keep our followers happy or to gain more followers? Great question. First of all, I’d say, STOP thinking of them simply as “followers” but as friends, and write freely from the heart. I’d also say that quality over quantity every time, and consistency should be bae! Never let anyone who comes to your blog leave empty, but rather go away inspired, energized, FULL. (By the way, I hope I do that for you!) Blogging is a give-and-take interaction, so it’s important to keep your purpose of blogging clear in your mind, so that what you do fulfills YOU in the first place. Then it can overflow freely to your readers and back again to you.


  • What is your favorite meal of the day? And what type of food do you like? My favorite meal of the day is probably dinner! Oooooh I looooove Thai stir-fried food (especially the Thai glass noodles with veggies and shrimps sprinkled with groundnuts…YUM), Indian spicy stews and naan, and our local spicy Ghanaian soups. Also, does ice cream count as food…? In which case do add Ben and Jerry’s Strawberry Cheesecake please! Yup, yup, that love is deep.


  • Last question (I always ask myself and would love to read different perspectives) what are you most thankful for? Life.

So there you have it! I hope you got to know me even better through this post… although you probably know me well especially if you’ve been reading this blog from the beginning…in which case a heartfelt thank you to you for sticking close… Happy Monday, loves, and stay blessed!

xo, Cara.

PS. This is actually my second nomination for the Liebster award, so look out for part two of this post!


4. Light, Colour, Harmattan!


The new year ushered in a new season – the dreaded Harmattan (inset dramatic music). So my dears, how are your lips faring? And your skin? And the soles of your feet? (Inset an evil laugh – mwahahahaha)

Let’s be frank, isn’t it wonderful to FINALLY have some cool weather after all the hot steamy days late last year? At least things are tolerable even when the electricity bids us hasta la vista. Great, no??

Buuuuut…and that’s a big but…our African skin can start to bear a strong resemblance to parchment if we don’t take extra care during this season, and that’s why I’d like to recommend this amazing skin cream I’ve recently rediscovered.

It really is wonderful! It keeps the skin smooth and silky, reduces wrinkles, keeping this precious asset firm and youthful. Also, it’s great for silky soft hair, especially on natural hair. Aaaand it’s edible. I could go on and on, there are a 1432578976 reasons to love this cream.

Yep. OK so what cream am I talking about?! Are you positively tingling with anticipation yet?? And.. the.. cream is.. OUR AFRICAN SHEA BUTTER!!

Yep. The recommendation is this simple. Disdain not shea butter, our ancestors clearly know their remedies…have known for centuries. Sankofa, anyone?

All hail the shea butter, the beauty staple that will never go out of style!

I leave you with these pics taken at the beach this weekend. Grey skies and fog provide a perfect background for colour, so I donned some pink!

Have a great week, loves, and don’t be afraid to go all out with colour to brighten up these dull grey days!


Mama Cara

Pink at the beach