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Hey everyone!!


BABY sleeping… so let’s cautiously proceed to take stock as noiselessly as we can…

Feeling: Phenomenal. Light-hearted. Quite playful. And so grateful and blessed, especially as I get flooded with all the waves of positive energy and love that you guys poured my way. I dipped and dived and drowned myself in the waves, and it felt fantastic. I send back to you all the glorious waves and more. Needless to say, after my confessions last time, I feel like I fully got myself back!!!

Glancing: Over at my little Moonbeam. Yup, still lost in dreamland.

Making: Plans to start a collection of colourful headgear and good makeup products. BuuUT, no current sewing projects! Boo.

Cooking: Yummy long-grain rice and red fish for lunch today. Look out for some more food blog posts from moi soon, yo. I actually photographed a few dishes I made, and I want to share them with you, because they are yummy, healthy, and simple to make.

Drinking: Juice, juice and more juice.

Reading: and loving and getting blown away by the witty awesomess that is Love, Rosie. Thanks again for sending those books to me, Mavis.

Wanting: Actually longing, for a library of my own… Hopefully once we settle down I can waltz into that venture with glee. In the meantime, helloooo ebooks.

Wishing: for a little girl (or two, or three) of my own…

Enjoying: Having my two boys all to myself. The past few days alone with them have been so crazily idyllic. They knock the breath out of me awake every morning with their playful jumps, and kiss my frowns away when I get cross. We go swimming together for the day, then do our makeup and dress up together and have dance parties in the evenings. (You can check out our shenanigans on snapchat @cara_siskova, instagram @xo.cara)

Learning: German! I’ve been taking German classes at the Goethe Institute. Aaah I love my classes!!! But first time ever I went anywhere without Milan. SOOO weird. Guys try to flirt with me, and people adamantly disbelieve when I tell them I am a mother. Been an interesting time of it, to say the least!

Marveling: at how beautiful life ‘in transition’ can be. Maybe I’ll always be in transition, but as long as I have these little hands in mine, these hearts beating for me, and M’s beautiful eyes crinkling at the corners as he warmly gazes at me, I’ll be perfectly alright.

Knowing: that God’s got me.

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(blurred shot, but I like it…)

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(Alex the cool dude…)



Whooo! Now that I finally have a computer, I can take stock. That just basically means evaluating my life as it stands right now. It’s always good to periodically take a breather and evaluate your life, to see what’s going right, what needs some adjusting, etc, and respond accordingly. I sincerely hope this post inspires your journey as well!

Making: Actually Creating some new pinterest boards for a new blog series I’m considering starting here. It would be called #365Grateful.  

Cooking: YES! And moving beyond eatable basics too. I actually think that I make a mean fried rice now. Hopefully, M and the kids agree and wouldn’t be shaking their heads in total disbelief reading this!

Drinking: So. much. juice. M calls me the “Juice Monster”. Well, at least it’s healthy. Wouldn’t it be absolutely wonderful to be drinking so much water instead? I wonder how you guys do on that front…

Reading: Barbara J. Winter’s Making A Living Without A Job. It comes highly recommended, so I got it on Friday from the EPP bookshop at the Legon Mall. Hoping it’s such a gem of a book like they say!

Wanting: Ben and Jerry’s Strawberry Cheesecake ice-cream!!!! And more of M’s Auntie’s simply delicious strawberry jam. Finished the whole jar already… :'(

Sewing: YES! Sort of. Repairing a few things, here and there… BUT. Baby steps y’all, baby steps.

Wishing: that I had the time – and courage – to start my youtube channel already! I donno, but just thinking about all the technical editing aspect scares me bonkers. Ugh.

Enjoying: a nice cold glass of water right now actually. So refreshing.

Feeling: so inspired by all the amazing blogs and instagram accounts I’ve been recently discovering! To do what you love, to connect with fellow enthusiasts and to inspire others on their individual journeys; it’s such a blessing and it makes my heart glad to discover such people.

Wondering: if A Post A Day challenge would be prudent for me at this stage…but I’m really itching to try!

Loving: how chubby baby Milan is, and damn, his eyes… He’s just so gorgeous! (I know, I’m such a mom.)

Hoping: for some great shots at the beach tomorrow!

Marveling: at how much I’ve learnt about fashion and style since I started the journey this year. And not just that, but it sort of extends into other areas of my life as well. I’m developing quite the eye for details I never noticed nor cared about before. Trust me, it’s been a huge improvement.

Needing: white jeans, a pencil skirt, and more African-inspired clothes in my closet already!

Noticing: that I need to step up my photography game already, as per my resolutions for this year.

Knowing: that everything will be alright. Everything IS alright. Let go and let God!

Thinking: that Frassy is one of the most inspiring fashion blogs out there. Did you discover it already? Go, go, go check it out.

Bookmarking: THIS blog post.

Excited : about life. There is so much more to come!


IMG-20150509-WA0001Btw, so excited to finally share with you some of the images from this mother’s day themed modelling shoot we did in May. We were kindly invited by Sarah Christian, a fabulous Ghanaian fashion designer who also happens to be a dear friend, to model for her May Motherhood inspired collection. I said, heck yeah! So off we went for a long exciting day of shooting and soothing little ones who nonchalantly turn cranky at their first modelling gig! I know, it’s been ages since it was shot, sorry to be so late posting the images!

Photography : Kwesi Memory

Makeup – Glitz N Glow  Makeup Artisty

Designer – Sarah Christian.




Hey guys! I know, I know, it’s been forever…


I’m back, and it’s time to take stock of where things stand now.

Making time to read more.

Cooking delicious pasta recipes! Yum.

Drinking three cups of Milo… Please don’t judge me haha! I had a mega intense workout session with this Bollywood song! After that I kinda ran and growled my way to the fridge like gimme gimme gimme…I gulped three cups before I knew what’s up. It wasn’t pretty guys. Tsk tsk. Please don’t judge me! 😛 Everybody knows I love sugar and I loooove my Milo! Besides, eeeverybody loves Milo, no?

Reading Mastery by Robert Greene. I ditched it for Eat Pray Love last month, but I’m back into it now. Focus…

Wanting a lot of things. A whole lot of things…

Looking fabulous with two-strand twists! Hehe. Bedtime protective styling.

Playing said Bollywood song still. It’s fast turning out to be an all-time favourite!

Sewing tomorrow! I mean some stuff need fixing and tomorrow would be a good time for it… Thanks for the reminder! hehe

Wishing that my brand new DSLR was here already!! Guys, I’ve been long scrimping and saving for this and I can’t wait to play with it and create something amazing over here!!!

Liking how vast the possibilities are when it comes to life choices. Life has never been this good. You can do anything, be anything. It’s so exciting!

Opening my box of glittering gold shoes I got at the International Trade Fair last weekend. Cannot wait to wear them!

Wondering if I should renew my other blog…

Loving my little Moonbeam’s smile. I fall in love over and over everyday. It’s a heady refreshing feeling!

Hoping to master Bollywood dancing! And for toned abs. Amen.

Needing another cup of Milo drink… I told you I love that stuff!

Knowing that I better reduce my daily Milo quotas…or ELSE!!

Despairing of ever mastering make-up. It’s a lost cause you guys. Or maybe I should ditch youtube and get a private tutor! 😀

Feeling pretty thankful and stoked that you guys have been actively checking up on things here. I’m so sorry I can’t blog more often, what with Uni reopening and everything. But. New camera coming soon, and more frequent posts, promise!

Thinking about the wonderful Thai food I had this past weekend! Have you tried the Pad Thai Restaurant in East Legon?? Wonderful food and GREAT service!

Bookmarking this! Please don’t judge me 😛 I’m in the third minute of this Award Show and it’s looking pretty promising!

Thank you so much for reading, have a beautiful day!