Hello guyyys, and welcome back to fashion on the blog!

It seems to me like it’s been a while, isn’t it? But I’m not complaining, I had a great time doing the fitness, goals and inspiration posts! Whoo, but I sure missed the fashion.

The truth is, it’s been especially difficult to align with M for the fashion shoots since we came back from Europe. Bummer. Hmph. No cause for alarm though, I took it as a sign to improve my tripod shooting skills. *wink wink* It’s past time to let go of the “perfect time” and place and make things happen myself…

So here we have it, a shoot entirely shot and edited on my own, and I loooove the results.

I’m wearing one of my latest loves, this not so simple shift dress. Just look at it; it is simply BURSTING with details. The leather patches on the shoulders and hips, the lacey designs on the bottom, gold zippers on either side and even an exposed gold zipper on the back! Aaarhhh!!!


Haha but don’t you just love it! And I’m so in love with leather-patched dresses since last year. It’s such a simple addition which gives such an edge to an outfit. I’m building up quite the collection of them.

I paired this exquisite creation of a dress with simple gold rings and bracelet, a delicate choker, and guess what…ankle boots (with these gorgeous gold and silver zippers on either side). Nope, not with my usual heels. And finally to top it off, a beautiful tufted leather bag.

It really is time to shift things up a bit!

Hope you enjoy this post, and see you soon on my next post! (I’m so excited because it’s also my birthday in just TWO DAYS. Hip hiiiiiip!!) (And oh yeah, don’t forget to like and share the post if you enjoyed it!!)








Do enjoy the rest of your week!

Loads of love,


dress – random shop in Slovakia

booties – same

bag – CCC (Austria)

rings – topshop and revival

bracelet – Madina, Ghana



Good morning fam!

Hope y’all been peachy? Meant to update thrice this week, but I’ve been a little umm, snotty-nosed over here. Eeek. I hardly get sick, so this was quite the wake up call. You know that feeling that you need a vacation to recover from your vacation?? Yeah that.

I need a vacation!

There is something quite preppy and cute about pairing a crop top with a skater skirt and I decided to explore that while in Topolcany… To complete my vision, out came these dashing killer pumps to add an extra punch!

So, preppy, anyone?

But seriously, those shoes, together with the crop top and cute skirt create such a geek chic vibe, don’t they? Especially with my glasses. (Which I actually forgot to take off, btw.) Add the roses, the idyllic surroundings, and romance is in the air. Just puurfect.


This house has the most beautiful rose garden I have ever seen! They have the roses in almost all colors possible. So awesome. I wanted permission to shoot with the roses, so I rang the doorbell, half expecting The Beast to show up, perhaps with Bella in tow, but a lady and her two grown up kids showed up instead. Bummer.

Buuut, at the end of a nice chat, I left them with happy laughter, some nice photos, and a gift of strawberries and best of all, roses of my very own! Kind souls.






To be fair, after I saw these images, I started wolfing down triple helpings of every meal set in front of me with nary a protesting word. The in-laws were ecstatic and declared me a proper Slovak now, but I knew better. It was #OperationThickThighs.

Must. Gain. Twenty. Pounds.

But dear fat, would you please be a sweetheart and settle only in the thighs and butt region? Thank you!

Crop top – MrP, Skirt – MrP, Crossbody bag – C&A, Shoes – Legon

The shoes seriously deserve their own post so that will be coming up next week!

Thanks for reading, stay cool.





It’s Friday already, can you believe that??! And they tell me it’s already July too! Lost track of time for a while there. If I had a dollar for every time I do that, bet you I’d have bought my dream house(with glass walls) in the mountains already! Like we were on the beach on 1st July, and I spent the entire day lost in the illusion that it was Sunday! Don’t blame me – too much – because aren’t Sundays the official beach days?? Well, in my part of the world they are. Because they are days to commune with creation and His Awesomeness, right?

Anyway, today I am absolutely delighted to present to you the full reveal from the sneak peek last time, and I present to youuu the Dashiki! (Linet, you must be grinning to yourself because you guessed right. Hmph! )

The Dashiki – vibrant, colourful, dramatic. A beautiful piece from African fashion.

I fell head over heels for this babe at first sight, and it’s been a beautiful love story ever since. I usually like to wear it as a standalone piece with minimal accessories, but chose to pair it with black distressed denim (of which I seem to have an endless number).

Check out the wings on the dress already! Batman, anybody?



Also, can we talk about those pointy wedgey strappy shoes?? I’m. In. Love.


Something about this dress always brings out the bohemian goofy side of me, oops.



Fotor_143588073009696 And what’s with all that intensity here? Smh. 😛

And the end.

Make sure to check out the previous magical sneak peek shots with M (from the previous post) if you didn’t already!

Thanks for reading, lots of love and positivity to you. Happy new month!